Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh…

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? Or do you want to throw your biscuit at the screen because I’m mentioning the C word in November? If you fall into the latter camp, you might want to move onto another post (maybe read about winter skin care, or the wonders of shea butter.) If you’re already tucking into mince pies and getting on with the Christmas wrapping, read on for our guide to gold, frankincense and myrrh…

I was just a tot when I first heard the story of the three wise men and their gifts, but it was a good few years before I found out that myrrh is derived from tree resin. And a while after that before I discovered for myself just how great it is for my skin! While myrrh is probably best known as an incense for burning, it also provides us with a very cleansing essential oil that has superb antiseptic and healing qualities.  It’s often used in natural toothpastes and mouth washes because it is fantastic for oral hygiene. We sell pure myrrh oil, so you can add it to your own creations.  You’ll find it very earthy and quite sticky, it’s one of the richest essential oils around. This oil is a key ingredient in many of our skincare products.

Frankincense is very rejuvenating, so can really help to treat the signs of ageing, as well as scarring and other blemishes. As with myrrh, it is often used in aromatherapy, and has been found to help with stress. It is well known for calming and relaxing the mind and breathing, so if you’re feeling fractious and irritable this is a great oil to choose. (Very useful at this time of year I think!) We sell the precious essential oil, along with spicy Frankincense Water (an ideal substitute for a toner) and it’s the star of the show in many of our skincare products.

Frankincense and myrrh is a natural partnership, as they really complement each other. You can find them in the Exotic Spice Aromatic Roll-on, Myrrh & Frankincense Balm and Frankincense & Myrrh Body Oil. The balm is a great multi-tasker; it’s very rich so ideal for dry elbows, heels, knees and anywhere else that needs a bit of extra attention. It’s also a good replacement for a night cream if you have particularly dry skin. The body oil is a personal favourite for this time of year, as it smells lovely and spicy.

I do think frankincense and myrrh make perfect Christmas gifts. We have a special offer on at the moment; our Buy and Save Frankincense collection features Frankincense Water, Myrrh & Frankincense Balm, Frankincense & Myrrh Body Oil, Exotic Spice Aromatic Roll On and Frankincense Essential Oil. It’s priced at £31.15, saving you almost 20% of the cost of buying the products separately.

While we don’t have any flecks of gold in our products, we can offer you Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, which is fantastic for moisturising, particularly for oily skin. Jojoba is very similar in composition to the skin’s own oils, so it helps to balance them, adding moisture without encouraging the skin to create excess oil. It’s also excellent for itchy skin conditions, such as eczema.

So, that’s gold, frankincense and myrrh in a nutshell. Are there any natural ingredients you’d like to know more about? Leave a comment below, or tweet us @Akamuti.

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