Winter skincare tips…

Are we officially in winter yet? There seem to be so many different opinions as to when it starts that I’m never quite sure! One thing is for certain, I am in and out of ‘hibernation mode’, craving log fires, mulled wine and mince pies, so to me, winter has well and truly arrived 😉

Just as summer has its own skincare needs, so too do the colder months. Cold winds, central heating and those lovely log fires can really dry your skin out. And, as we enter the party season, alcohol, fatty foods and late nights all take their toll.

So, hydration is really important. I love using organic rosehip oil on my skin and hair all-year around, but it’s a particular lifesaver at this time of year. A real multi-tasker, rosehip oil is very nourishing, hydrating and healing. It can help to minimise scarring and signs of aging, and really revitalises the skin, giving you that ‘glow’ back. Ours is organic and a superior quality than most of the ones that you can buy on the high street. It’s naturally full of fatty acids and Vitamin C, and a lovely orange red, rather than the yellow tone of inferior varieties. We have a limited supply of this fantastic oil in stock, so I’ll be making sure that I spirit a bottle away to keep at home before they all sell out!
I like to treat myself to a regular at-home facial (although it’s not always quite as regular as I’d like!). I also make sure I’m giving my skin and hair plenty of extra nourishment. That includes eating my five a day (mostly) and drinking plenty of water. And it can also mean swapping my usual moisturiser for a richer one. The Olive and Avocado Night Cream tends to be particularly popular at this time of year. It is packed with anti-oxidants and really does work wonders on dry, dehydrated and lacklustre skin. It’s so potent, a tiny amount goes a very long way.

Another of my must-have winter essentials is our Calendula & Chamomile Balm, which combines the calming qualities of chamomile with the rejuvenating properties of calendula flowers. It’s very hydrating and helps to treat stressed, lacklustre skin. You know that tight, stretched feeling you get in your face sometimes, especially if you’ve spent too long outdoors? Well this balm is fantastic for easing that feeling, leaving skin feeling soft, plumped and nourished. As well as a face balm, I use it on hands, elbows and anywhere else that needs a bit of extra attention.

Because, of course, it’s not just our faces that need some TLC in the winter. While it’s tempting to neglect the rest of our skin when it’s hidden under layers, you’ll regret it when it’s time to slip into that little black dress. Cocoa and Almond Body Butter is a real pleasure to use, as it smells lovely, and leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and cared for.  Coconut oil also works a treat, as a top to toe moisturiser. It sinks in well and perfect for rehydrating neglected skin.

A lip balm is pretty essential at this time of year too. The Organic Honey and Chamomile Lip Balm is a real winner with our customers, gaining praise such as ‘I can’t use anything else that makes my lips feel so good’, ‘Best lip balm hands down. Nothing else comes close’ and ‘I love this lip balm and I’m so happy to have found it.’ Thank you everyone!

Our energy levels can take a real nosedive at this time of year, so when I’m snuggling up indoors I like to add a few drops of uplifting essential oil to a burner. There are so many to choose from but Geranium is one of my favourites for helping to revive flagging spirits. It combines well with chamomile, or try mixing it with some lavender if you’re looking to relax and unwind. Orange and lemon are also wonderful winter burning oils, helping to cleanse the air and lift energy.

What are your winter skincare essentials?

We’d love to hear about them. Just leave a comment below, or tweet us @Akamuti so that we can share your tips!

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