Frankincense and Myrrh Body Oil 100ml


Wake up your skin with frankincense! Our exotic body oil combines two very special tree resins that have remarkable rejuvenating qualities on the skin.  Spicy and warming, this body oil is ideal for massage or top to toe moisturising. Enriched with avocado and organic olive to provide your skin with a nourishing boost, you will find this is a good choice for tired, thirsty or mature skin. We suggest applying it to warm skin after a shower. Watch your skin drink it in!

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Wake up your skin with our frankincense and myrrh body oil! Our frankincense and myrrh body oil combines the rejuvenating properties of two aromatic tree oils. Myrrh is an effective cleansing and purifying oil and is a wonderful skin tonic. Frankincense essential oil is invigorating and replenishing to any dry, dull or tired skin. If you are looking for something to encourage your own natural glow, frankincense is your new friend! We always recommend it for any unhappy skin in need of a lift.  You may apply it as often as you need to. We particularly like using it after a long soak in the bath, while the skin is still warm.

Why Myrrh?

A rich, earthy essential oil, myrrh is powerfully cleansing and purifying. A natural skin tonic, myrrh has superb antiseptic and healing qualities. This rich, sticky oil is highly prized as a powerful cleanser. It helps to clear the skin of impurities and encourages repair. A fantastic rejuvenating oil, it is the ideal choice for facial oils and toning body oils.  Warming and aromatic, this oil is a key ingredient in many of our skincare products for it’s tonic properties.

A love for Frankincense

 Frankincense can really help to treat the signs of aging. It is one of the more beneficial oils for skin damaged by scars and blemishes. Bedouin tribes have used this amazing tree resin to purify and tone the skin for thousands of years. It encourages healthy new skin and improves the skin’s structure and texture.  Frankincense is rejuvenating to mature skin, damaged skin and dull, lifeless complexions. It is one of the finest oils to help rescue unhappy skin. Have you tried it yet? Enjoy using it in your own creations or bath oil blends! Find out more about this oil here: