Being a Tree Sister


We are delighted to be collaborating with the amazing UK charity, Tree Sisters! Tree Sisters are dedicated to replenishing the Earth’s forests and have successfully planted over 12.5 million trees across the planet. We are passionate about trees so we are joining in! We are pledging to plant one tree for every single order we receive. So each time you shop with us, we will donate a sapling for planting. We have donated 8,552 trees so far! Thank you.

Why trees? We literally breathe with the trees. In exchange for carbon dioxide, they magnificently gift us oxygen.  With help from the sun, the carbon stays behind in the trees as solid branches and trunks and the oxygen gets released to dance in the air. To put it simply, they purify the air we breathe and sequester carbon. We are inextricably linked with the lungs of the earth.

Trees protect our soils and enrich the earth. They clean our rivers and waterways and create lush ecosystems for humans and wildlife to thrive in. Trees directly nourish us with foods as varied as sweet oranges to fragrant cinnamon, cocoa beans to maple syrup. The impact of trees touches every corner of our lives. From our morning coffee to the paper in our notebooks, from medicines and healing teas to the homes we live in, the impact of trees is breathtaking.

We have so much to learn from the forest. The aromatic oils of trees such as pine, fir, cedar and eucalyptus are wonderful for the lungs and have a direct positive impact on our own respiratory system. These aromatic oils provide  antiseptic and immune boosting properties. The oils that provide trees with protection and immunity prove to be of enormous benefit to human health too. Add a few drops to your diffuser to purify the air in your home and promote respiratory health. It isn’t difficult to see just how connected we are to trees.

Trees are not just the lungs of the earth, they also regulate our water cycle, slowing the movement of water that might cause flooding and landslides. They store water and release it slowly as moisture into the atmosphere. Transpiration forms clouds that are later released as raindrops to water the earth and sustain the magic of nature. They are masters of exchange, life support and biodiversity. Trees are vibrant, living pharmacies supporting vast ecosystems, they are quite literally treasure troves of abundance.

Plants and trees have the collective power to regulate the seasons, the temperature of our Earth and our weather patterns, bind carbon, restore the fertility of our soil and the power to detoxify our environment. Trees literally heal our planet. In the same way that they cleanse and restore our physical environments, trees offer incredible healing gifts for our inner landscapes too, bringing nourishment and medicine for our bodies, minds and spirits. We love trees, thank you for helping us to plant many more.