Environmental Policy

At Akamuti we are committed to offering both people and planet friendly products.  Here are some of the ways we try to be environmentally friendly!

Keeping it 100% natural We only use 100% natural, botanical ingredients to ensure that our products are full of goodness – keeping you and your skin happy! That means no nasty additives, preservatives or artificial fragrances. We hope that our passion and our ethics shine through each and every one of our recipes.

Sustainability matters We don’t use any unsustainable ingredients from endangered plants or tree species such as sandalwood and rosewood. If we’re aware that using a certain plant contributes to habitat destruction we’ll choose something else! Our palm oil is sourced sustainably too – we don’t use plantation grown palm oil.

Recycle, recycle, recycle! We have a zero waste policy.  All of our waste is recycled, whether it be plastic, aluminium, glass, printer toners, cardboard – nothing reaches the landfill. We also compost where possible. Left over products are taken home or given away!

Eco friendly office All of our paper is made from 100% recycled material. Our loose-fill for packaging our wholesale orders is of vegetable origin and fully biodegradable. The ink used to print our product labels is ElectroInk which complies with the requirements of Nordic Swan Ecolabelling. We’re constantly looking for ways to go green!

Keeping it clean Our sinks are graced with our natural soap bars and we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products such as Ecover. We don’t use synthetic foaming soaps or soaps laden with chemical additives.

Our packaging We use a mixture of materials for our packaging. Our glass bottles and  PET containers are fully recyclable.  Our PET packaging is phthalate and BPA free. We feel that plastic is a necessary evil! We look forward to buying recycled PET bottles and tubs as soon as they are available on the UK market.