Ethical Policy – People

We believe in trying (as much as is possible!) in being ethical wherever we can. This means we try to think holistically about our ingredients, ie. where they come from, where they are grown and harvested and the environmental impact that this may have on their immediate surroundings.  Whether it be olive oil from Palestine, argan oil from Morrocco or shea butter from Ghana – we believe in promoting sustainability from start to finish, so that everyone benefits!

We are passionate about trading ethically and fairly. It is the holistic approach that we take when buying our ingredients, aiming to ensure that everyone benefits, from the producer to the consumer. We believe that by paying fair prices to small businesses for their produce, it will provide growers with a sustainable income. This enables them to build a better, more sustainable life for themselves and their communities.

Fair prices contribute towards protecting vulnerable livelihoods and environments. Poor prices paid for high quality, labour-intensive products results in undermining the value of a product and the people who produce it. In addition to this, it takes away the very foundations of sustainable trade, making it harder for people to survive as a community.  Unfair trade feeds the oppressive cycle of poverty and we believe that we can break that chain by supporting fair trade practices and principles.

Be the change you wish to see!