Keep your skin glowing and radiant with our range of natural and organic moisturisers, cleansers and masks. Rich and nourishing, every recipe is handcrafted using the finest botanical oils, clays and aromatics.

Akamuti Rose Beauty Face Mask - a gorgeous, softening treatment to cleanse and freshen the skin.  Precious rose is a well known skin elixir, promoting a healthy complexion and skin tone.
Akamuti Tea Tree & Lavender Cream - Tea tree and lavender are extremely useful and versatile essential oils and they join forces in this cream.

Enjoy our selection of natural body moisturisers, butters and oils to keep your skin healthy and happy from top to toe.

Our gorgeous selection of pure essential oils, aromatic flower waters and aromatherapy pulse points for all your skincare needs. We have something for every skin type!

Akamuti Ylang Ylang Organic Essential Oil - Ylang ylang is gorgeous to use on your hair - as well as leaving its sweet, lingering smell it also encourages healthy looking hair.
Akamuti Organic Coconut Soap Bar - It is ideal for the most sensitive skin and perfect for delicate dry skin. 

Our 100% natural soaps are handcrafted using the finest oils and butters including creamy organic shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Our high quality soaps are kind to the skin and ideal for dry skin problems.

We have an incredible selection of organic and cold pressed oils, including argan oil, red rosehip oil and avocado oil. Our cold pressed oils are packed with nourishing goodness and anti-oxidants, making them the perfect moisturising choice for all skin types.

Akamuti Sweet Almond Oil - A light, golden oil rich in Vit E & easily absorbed by the skin. 

Best Sellers

Natural Beauty Award Winners!!!

100% Natural, Organic Skincare

GOLD WINNER! “Pure bliss. As soon as I opened the jar, oh my! The fragrance is so gorgeous. Added a generous amount to some running water and soaked in the bath for 15 mins. Afterwards my skin was so smooth and soft and felt toned. Absolutely love this and will definitely buy again.”¬†LS

100% Natural, Organic Skincare

SILVER AWARD WINNER РDeveloped to smooth & soothe the delicate skin around the eyes this revitalising blend will nourish puffy skin around the eyes & smooth fine lines. This special combination of rosehip, evening primrose & raspberry seed oil ensures a plentiful supply of essential skin nourishment.

Cuticle Moon Hand and Nail Butter

100% Natural Hand Cream

BEST BUY WINNER “Why have I not purchased this from Akamuti before?! Love it for it‚Äôs all organic oil ingredients. I use it as a night time hand balm before bedtime I rub it on all over my hands including nails and cuticles and I wake up to the most gorgeous hands/nails/cuticles!”¬†M.