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Natural Beauty Award Winners!!!

100% Natural, Organic Skincare

GOLD WINNER! “Pure bliss. As soon as I opened the jar, oh my! The fragrance is so gorgeous. Added a generous amount to some running water and soaked in the bath for 15 mins. Afterwards my skin was so smooth and soft and felt toned. Absolutely love this and will definitely buy again.” LS

100% Natural, Organic Skincare

SILVER AWARD WINNER – Developed to smooth & soothe the delicate skin around the eyes this revitalising blend will nourish puffy skin around the eyes & smooth fine lines. This special combination of rosehip, evening primrose & raspberry seed oil ensures a plentiful supply of essential skin nourishment.

Cuticle Moon Hand and Nail Butter

100% Natural Hand Cream

BEST BUY WINNER “Why have I not purchased this from Akamuti before?! Love it for it’s all organic oil ingredients. I use it as a night time hand balm before bedtime I rub it on all over my hands including nails and cuticles and I wake up to the most gorgeous hands/nails/cuticles!” M.