Akamuti Frankincense Body Moisturiser - Wake up your skin with rich and spicy frankincense in our replenishing and nourishing body moisturiser.

Frankincense Body Moisturiser 100ml


Wake up your skin with rich and spicy frankincense in our replenishing and nourishing body moisturiser. A superb skin tonic, frankincense is an excellent choice for dry, mature or damaged skin and promotes a healthy skin tone and structure. A wonderful moisturiser for mature skin types providing essential nourishment for any dry, dull or damaged skin. This precious tree resin has been used by African and Bedouin tribes for thousands of years. Frankincense is also reputed to clear the mind and it’s rich aroma is comforting and soothing. It’s one of our favourite oils at Akamuti.


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Why frankincense? A replenishing skin food, frankincense body moisturiser is a rejuvenating skin tonic for top to toe, all over moisturising.  For thousands of years, African and Bedouin tribes have used this amazing tree resin to purify and tone the skin. It encourages healthy new skin and improves the skin structure and texture.  Frankincense is rejuvenating to aging, mature skin, scarred tissue and dull, lifeless complexions and is one of the finest oils to help rescue unhappy or damaged skin.

Frankincense oil has a wonderful reputation for helping to clear the mind and its rich, spicy aroma is comforting and soothing to the mind and body. It has a relaxing effect and is a good oil to use if you feel stressed or under pressure. A sacred burning incense for thousands of years, frankincense is an important part of religious and spiritual ceremonies.  Frankincense is often recommended for meditation or yoga practice, as it is known for it’s ability to deepen breathing and open the lungs.

Uplifting frankincense brings calm and clarity to the busy and stressed mind, helping to quiet the mind. We recommend massaging a little body moisturiser into your pulse points.

We source our frankincense oil from Somalia. You will find frankincense trees growing freely across East Africa, Oman and Yemen.

Which skin type? Suitable for all skin types, frankincense body moisturiser is the ideal choice for dry, problem and mature skin. Try applying some after a warm shower and watch your skin drink it in!

About Akamuti: We are a family business living and working in the Welsh countryside. From the very beginning, we have always been inspired by nature, people and places of natural beauty. Our passion for natural goodness means that all of our recipes are crafted with 100% natural ingredients. You won’t find any hidden nasties or anything artificial appearing in our ingredient lists. We rely entirely on nourishing butters, cold pressed oils and aromatic essential oils. Purity and integrity are important to us, ensuring our products brimming with botanical goodness. Enjoy!