About Us

Our name

…translates as ‘Little Tree’ or ‘A Little Bit Of Medicine’

Our name Akamuti is an African word taken from the Bemba language of Zambia. It has two meanings. It translates as ‘Little Tree’ or ‘A Little Bit Of Medicine’ It goes to show that in many parts of Africa, trees and medicine are one and the same and they are revered as powerful sources of healing. Tree ingredients are very important in our products and we feel that trees are not only essential for our health but also for the health of the whole planet. Akamuti Blog


…handcrafted from start to finish

Every product we make is handcrafted from start to finish from individual ingredients by real people (not machines!) We start off with chunks of beeswax; slabs of tree butters; loose herbs, barks, resins and flowers; jugs of golden oils and aromatic distillates. We then infuse, filter, melt, pour, strain, mix and stir to create beautiful creams, moisturisers and butters for you to enjoy at their best. Absolutely no preservatives or nasties are added at any stage! Everything is made in small batches to ensure you receive your products as fresh as possible, with as much shelf life as possible. Akamuti Shop


…the inspiration behind Akamuti

Lindsey is the inspiration behind Akamuti, starting the company back in 2003. A qualified aromatherapist, Lindsey loves designing our product recipes and dreaming up new ones. She is in charge of our busy website, promoting Akamuti and works closely with two designers to ensure that our online shop and packaging look as great as the products themselves. Lindsey is also passionate about botanical ingredients and sources all our raw materials. Meet Lindsey.


…Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Recycle, recycle, recycle! We have a zero waste policy. All of our waste is recycled, whether it be plastic, aluminium, glass, printer toners, cardboard – nothing reaches the landfill. We also compost where possible. Left over products are taken home or given away! Environmental Policy


…passionate about people, animals and the planet

At Akamuti, we are totally against all forms of animal testing and ensure that all our raw ingredients are sourced from animal friendly suppliers. All ingredients are ethically sourced from palm oil to beeswax and honey suppies. Ethical Policy – Animals • Ethical Policy – People