Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml


Frankincense is a beautifully uplifting oil. This precious oil has been used as a sacred incense for thousands of years. Frankincense brings deep peace, calm and clarity to the burdened and busy mind. Try a few drops in your diffuser whenever you wish to create a calm or peaceful space. Frankincense is perfect for diffusing during yoga practice or meditation due to its ability to deepen the breathing and hush mental chatter. Frankincense is also a fantastic choice for anti-aging skincare as it is particularly replenishing to marks, damage and prematurely aging skin.

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Frankincense Essential Oil Frankincense is a beautifully uplifting oil. This precious oil has been used as a natural perfume and sacred incense for thousands of years.  A natural tonic, uplifting frankincense brings calm and clarity to the busy and stressed mind, helping to quiet the mind. Try burning a few drops next time you take some time out to do meditation, yoga or even use some in the bath. Frankincense has a relaxing effect when inhaled and is a good oil to use when you are feeling stressed or under pressure. It is ideal for using during meditation due to it’s ability to deepen breathing and open the lungs. Massage a few diluted drops into your temples to clear the head and melt away everyday stresses and strains.

Naturally rejuvenating, frankincense essential oil is a wonderful choice for anti-aging facial oils and moisturisers.  It makes a great addition to a facial oil blend and it is particularly replenishing to aging skin, scarred tissue and stretch marks. We suggest using it for damaged, dry or mature skin types.

Frankincense essential oil teams well with oils like myrrh and sandalwood for problem skin. It’s spicy, warm aroma blends beautifully with rose otto essential oil and any of the citrus oils like sweet orange.

Frankincense promotes easy breathing and is a valuable oil to add to decongestant oil blends and massage oils for the chest.

Where does it come from? You will find frankincense trees growing freely across East Africa, Oman and Yemen. We source our frankincense from Somalia.

When you use your essential oils, please remember to dilute them in a cold pressed oil first. Dilute 1 or 2 drops in 5ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. You may even use frankincense for children and during pregnancy (after the first trimester).