Frankincense Water 100ml


Now bottled in glass. Plastic and straw free.

Frankincense has wonderful rejuvenating properties and is a purifying skin tonic. It is particularly good for mature skin and dull complexions or any skin in need of boost. We love the fresh, resinous, slightly spicy aroma of this toner! Apply some undiluted to cotton wool or spritz directly over the face and leave to dry.


Purify your skin and improve your skin tone with the properties of precious frankincense water. Frankincense encourages healthy new skin and improves the skin structure and texture. If you are looking for something to help you treat the signs of ageing and blemishes, rejuvenating frankincense can really help. Replenishing to mature skin, scarred tissue and dull, lifeless complexions, frankincense is a superb skin tonic. We love to use this toner for problem or mature skin types. Spritz a little water directly on to your skin before you apply your moisturiser.

Our frankincense water is 100% pure – free from alcohol, additives and preservatives. The warm, spicy aroma of frankincense has very calming qualities. We love to keep a bottle in our handbag as a refreshing spritz for the face and hair.

How frankincense water is made:

Frankincense resin is steam distilled to produce an aromatic water. The steam passes through the resin, releasing tiny aromatic particles and volatile oils from the gum. The resulting steam cools to leave behind a fragrant aromatic water. The oil that sits on the surface of this water is the essential oil. Frankincense water has a naturally long shelf life. Keep your frankincense water somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight, this way it will keep for a couple of years.  Avoid synthetic frankincense, made with water and added preservatives, additives and artificial fragrances.

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