Myrrh Essential Oil 10ml


Myrrh is a thick, sticky aromatic tree resin that has been used for thousands of years. This rich oil is highly prized as a powerful cleanser, helping to clear the skin of impurities.
A fantastic rejuvenating oil, this is a superb choice for facials and toning body oils. Warming, antiseptic and aromatic, myrrh is ideal for adding to massage oils and decongestants.
We recommend adding a drop of myrrh to any of your blends for its powerfully tonic properties.

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Revered since ancient times this incredible resin is among some of the oldest aromatics known to humankind.  While myrrh is probably best known as an incense for burning, Myrrh essential oil is an effective cleansing and purifying oil. A natural skin tonic, myrrh has superb antiseptic and healing qualities.  It is often used in natural toothpastes and mouth washes because it is fantastic for oral hygiene. You’ll find it very earthy and quite sticky, it’s one of the richest essential oils around. This oil is a key ingredient in many of our skincare products for it’s tonic and anti-septic properties.