Peach Kernel Oil 100ml


A very light and pleasant oil, peach kernel oil is ideal for massage. A lovely skin conditioner it will nourish, soften and soothe.  Apply it to dry, tired and distressed skin to hydrate and condition. Peach oil is also perfect for babies and children – its nourishing properties make it an excellent choice for delicate skin.

We recommend using this oil for: Baby massage and moisturising, everyday skin care.


Peach kernel oil comes from Prunus persica, a tree that belongs to the almond tree family. It offers a very kind and gentle carrier oil, not dissimilar to sweet almond oil and it makes a lovely alternative. Mild and very light, we recommend using peach kernel oil for delicate skincare, including older skin and skincare for babies and children.  It’s lightness also makes it a good choice for summer skincare.  A stable oil with a good content of vitamin E. Very softening and soothing, peach kernel oil is one of our family staples, being useful for a myriad of skincare needs. Protecting, nourishing and readily absorbed, peach kernel oil may be used successfully on all skin types.