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Are you looking forward to going on holiday or maybe even a staycation? I have to admit that I’m not the most organised of people when it comes to packing for holidays. I always find myself wishing I’d brought a particular pair of shoes, and usually end up taking home most of the clothes I’d packed – unworn! However, one area I do have down to a T is my skincare; there are certain essentials that I never fail to pack. So, for today’s blog, I thought I’d share my list with you. There are some great multi-taskers on here (I love multi-taskers!) which leaves you a bit more room in your case for clothes and shoes 😉

A travel sized pot of shea butter is one of the first things in my case as it’s so versatile. Shea butter is incredibly nourishing, so it’s perfect if my skin is feeling a bit dry or dehydrated. It’s also very good for soothing sunburn, treating chapped lips and giving impromptu massages! It is also ideal for massaging into feet that have traipsed for miles and are letting you know their displeasure. Shea butter and dry skin are made for each other, so if you are heading to warmer climes, this one is a good choice. Warm skin and shea butter are a great match.

Coconut oil is another great all-rounder. I’ll sometimes work a small amount into my hair as a conditioning treatment, particularly if it’s feeling a bit dry and frizzy after a day spent sightseeing in hot sun! Just moisten your hands with a tiny amount so your hands are not over oily. Then run your hands through the driest parts of your hair, starting at the bottom and working up. Coconut oil is perfect for top to toe moisturising being light and easily absorbed.  It also makes a fantastic cleanser. Sunkissed skin LOVES to drink coconut oil! If you’re in a rush and always on the go – choose coconut oil. Plus, the smell reminds me of exotic holidays, even if I’m only pottering around a British seaside town.  (ps. If you’re heading somewhere hot and exotic, your coconut oil will melt into a liquid. Protect your tub in a plastic grip seal bag until you get to your destination!)

Rosehip seed oil is another of my favourite top-to-toe oils. It’s rich in fatty acids and so nourishing on skin that’s feeling a bit weathered, dry or dehydrated. You can even use it as a hair conditioning treatment and use it to help ease sunburn.  Rosehip seed oil is very light and easily absorbed, so a good choice if you want to wear makeup over the top. This is a fantastic oil which doubles up as a face and body moisturiser.

Are you looking for a cleanser and a moisturiser in one handy bottle? Rice bran beauty oil might be exactly what you are looking for! Traditionally used to cleanse and purify the skin – rice bran beauty oil is also a wonderful moisturiser. Rice bran oil has been revered as a complexion enhancer and beauty treatment for centuries.  Full of Vitamin E and rich in anti-oxidants, it is easily absorbed by the skin and very pleasant to use, encouraging skin renewal and healthy skin tone.  It is also reputed to prevent sun damage to the skin and is ideal for sensitive or mature skin.

Need to keep cool? Organic rosewater is probably my top choice, as it’s very refreshing, and helps to calm the skin. It’s ideal for spritzing on whenever I’m feeling a bit hot and bothered.

If I’m heading somewhere cooler and I’m going to be outdoors a lot (particularly somewhere cold or windy) I like to make sure I have some Calendula and Chamomile Balm in my bag. It really soothes wind chapped lips, faces and dry hands, and is a good emergency treatment if my skin reacts badly to anything. It makes a great intensive hand, face and body balm.

Sesame oil is also very effective at nourishing wind chapped skin. I like to use it as a body oil a couple of hours before going swimming too, as I find it helps to protect against the drying effects of chlorine.

And finally, if you are not keen on hotel soaps and body washes then a bar of our natural, cold process soap will keep your skin happy all holiday long! Try our Lavender and Geranium Soap Bar it’s packed with shea butter and very soothing.  It’s quite easy to slice off exactly what you need from the main bar too!

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely time and enjoy your holiday 🙂

Lindsey x

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