Lavender and Geranium Soap Bar 100g


This beautiful palm-free soap is made with our favourite organic fair trade coconut oil and creamy organic shea butter. Naturally scented with aromatic lavender oil for its fantastic skin conditioning properties and the soothing qualities of geranium and chamomile oil. Each bar is finished with a generous sprinkling of marigold petals.

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Our lavender soap bar is kind and gentle and is suitable for sensitive skin.  A cold process soap, it is made with 100% natural and organic vegetable oils and is sweetly scented with pure essential oils.  Free from SLS, artificial fragrances and foaming agents, this is a great choice for sensitive skin types.  Our short but sweet ingredient list will keep your skin happy from top to toe, with natural bubbles!

The benefits of Lavender

Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils and it is highly regarded for it’s wonderful skincare properties. An indispensable part of any beauty cabinet and first aid kit, it is our go to oil for replenishing tired skin and promoting skin health and vitality.  Cleansing and calming, lavender brings comfort and restores balance. Lavender comes from the Latin word ‘Lavare’ which means ‘to wash’. The Romans used lavender extensively for cleansing and skincare.

Palm Free Soap

Most soaps are made with palm oil because it is cheap and readily available. According to the World Wildlife Fund, an area the equivalent size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production. The demand for cheap palm oil results in vast deforestation – trees are cleared to make way for mass palm tree plantations to fulfil the requirements of the palm oil industry. Many baby Orangutans are left orphaned and suffer burns and skin problems as a result of the forest fires (the fires are started to destroy forest to make way for palm plantations). Choosing palm free soaps is a forest and orangutan friendly alternative.

Find out more about forest preservation, palm oil and orangutans here: