Unscented Natural Body Moisturiser 100ml


For extra sensitive souls, this pure & simple, soothing body moisturiser was created especially for you!  It contains no added essential oils, just coldpressed tree oils for naturally fresh & silky skin.  Use for all over body moisturising or as an unscented facial cleansing cream.  It is so gentle you can even use it on baby, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive, dry skin.


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Our unscented natural body moisturiser is a pure, simple product containing no added essential oils.   Use this cream for all over body moisturising.  It is kind and gentle enough to use on baby, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive, dry skin.  This moisturiser may also be used as an unscented facial cleansing cream, perfect for skin sensitivities and intolerances.

Sweet Almond Oil
Used extensively for skincare, sweet almond oil offers us a nutritious, gentle emollient suitable for all skin types. It’s gentle qualities allow it to be used on the most sensitive and delicate skin types, including babies and children.  Very useful for dry skin patches and scaliness, sweet almond oil is useful for any upset skin being calming and extremely well tolerated by the skin.
Please note that this oil is not suitable for those with an allergy to almonds or nuts.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Apricot kernel oil is a very kind and gentle carrier oil, not dissimilar to sweet almond oil. Mild and very light, we recommend using apricot kernel oil for delicate skincare, including skincare for babies and children. Very softening and soothing, apricot kernel oil is one of our family staples, being useful for a myriad of skincare needs. Protecting, nourishing and readily absorbed, apricot kernel may be used successfully on all skin types.