Shea Butter Nilotica ~ East African 100g


For shea butter connoisseurs everywhere! After a long wait, we have finally located some new supplies of your favourite nilotica. We love sourcing and sharing this wonderfully unique and rare shea butter nilotica from East Africa.

Unlike West African shea butter, shea butter nilotica is naturally soft and buttery and ready to use straight from the tub. An incredible natural skin food, this is as close to nature as a body butter can get! Richly moisturising to dry skin, problem skin and skin exposed to the sun and wind. Nutrient rich, it is very easily applied and it is ideal for hungry or very dry skin.  It has excellent moisturising properties and has a phenolic profile similar to that of green tea.

Why choose Shea Butter Nilotica? Uniquely buttery, it has a higher content of oleic acid, making it naturally soft and creamy.  Also known as golden shea butter, this natural treasure is unrefined, wildcrafted and ethically traded with women’s co-operatives in Kenya.

Free from any chemical processing, this shea butter retains all its natural goodness, creamy colouring and natural earthy aroma. Cold processing ensures that it’s vitamin A and E content are preserved.

Colour: Light creamy yellow

Texture: Creamy and buttery. Any occasional graininess melts on contact with the skin.

Aroma: Sweet, earthy, lightly smoky (like forest honey).

Please note: This supply of nilotica is not certified organic and will not display the word organic on the label.  Product image to be updated!  Plastic free and supplied in an alumunium tin.

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East African Shea Butter

Shea butter Nilotica is hand crafted by women using techniques that have been used for thousands of years.  This amazing butter is full of natural goodness and is one of the richest moisturisers available. Rich, creamy and nourishing, this all natural skin food is only just being heard about in the beauty industry. Super softening, shea butter nilotica is excellent for baby skincare, anti-aging face care, nourishing body care, muscle rubs, sun care and hair care. Apply some to dry skin after a shower while the skin is still warm for the best results.

Ethical trading:  

Our cold pressed, unrefined shea butter nilotica is wildcrafted, sustainably sourced and produced by womens co-operatives in Kenya. Wild harvested kernels are harvested and processed in Kenya – providing a commercial outlet and a sustainable income for the community.  It is a traditional product and has been hand crafted by local women of Kenya for decades, for both culinary and cosmetic purposes. The sustainable story of nilotica production is one of it’s greatest assets and provides women with a secured income for their family. The women will harvest, clean and press the nuts themselves (within their community) and then they have the opportunity to negotiate their own price before it arrives in Europe for filtering and cleaning. This raw material has made significant positive impacts on communities within Kenya.

Please Note: Shea Butter contains a natural substance which is similar to latex and it’s use should be avoided by people with a latex allergy.