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Liquid African Black Soap 250ml Scented


A beautifully creamy, natural soap that looks and feels like melted chocolate! Naturally fragranced with earthy patchouli and spicy frankincense oil to energise, cleanse and condition.

Made with a high content of shea butter, this rich, creamy soap is ideal for dry, sensitive and problem skin types.  

This authentic African Black Soap is traditionally handcrafted and fairly traded with Women’s co operatives in Ghana, West Africa. It is made with 50% pure, organically grown shea butter, palm oil and cocoa butter. The lye that is used in the saponification process, is made from the ash of cocoa pods. There are no chemicals, preservatives, colour enhancers or fragrances added to the recipe. The black colour of the soap is developed as a result of the saponification process which it undergoes. It is completely free from black dyes and charcoal.

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Liquid African Black Soap

Our Liquid African Black Soap has a wonderful creamy lather and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soft. It looks a bit like melted chocolate! It is one of the healthiest soaps for the skin due to the purity and simplicity of the ingredients. We craft our liquid black soap with organic rosewater for optimum skincare benefits. Rosewater is a skin tonic in it’s own right and can help to settle aggravated, irritated skin. This combination makes it a fantastic facial soap and it is helpful for dry, sensitive or problem skin types.

It makes a great body soap and we love using it from top to toe.

There are no chemicals, preservatives, colour enhancers or fragrances added to this recipe. The dark colour of the soap is developed as a result of the saponification process. It is completely free from black dyes and charcoal.  The African Black Soap used in this product is traditionally hand crafted and fairly traded with producers in Ghana, West Africa. It is made with 50% pure, organically grown shea butter and wildcrafted palm oil.


Black soap can also be used successfully as a shampoo for very dry or afro hair types. It’s moisturising qualities make it a good choice for very dry hair types.  (It can be a little too heavy for finer hair)

Ethical trading:  

Our authentic African black soap is sourced from a women’s project in Ghana,West Africa. They produce environmentally friendly and socially responsible African products, such as organic shea butter. The black soap project enables thousands of Ghanaian women to supply an international market with their produce. Supporting such projects facilitates the protection of trees, for example; the shea parklands in the Western Savannah. It also preserves biodiversity and the natural habitats for hippopotamus living by the Black Volta River.


African Black Soap (Saponifed Wildcrafted Virgin Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter)*, Organic Rosewater (Rosa damascena).
*Wildcrafted, fairly traded & sustainably harvested.

Suitable for vegans

7 reviews for Liquid African Black Soap 250ml Scented

  1. 5 out of 5

    So much love! Love this product more than any other soap I have tried, the only natural soap that doesn’t dry up my eczema, or my scalp. Can’t beat the smell either! I recommend this to everyone I know, a must buy!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I use this every day as an all over wash, including my hair. It doesn’t leave my scalp tight like some shampoos, my hair is clean, soft and lightly scented, as is the rest of me. I love it.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I use this daily on my body and after only a few uses my skin is already looking brighter, not bleached lighter, but has a nice glow to it, hence I’m hoping in the next couple of months it starts to fade away my old scar marks. As a shampoo, on 4b / 4c hair the moisture level is amazing lol ? Hence, I will use this after a protein type treatment , as otherwise my hair will become to mushy soft! Also I found this one to spicy fragrant for my face, hence I only use the unscented variant on my face area.

  4. 5 out of 5

    The best hand soap I’ve ever used. I used to be inconsistent with washing my hands after I had used the restroom (don’t judge me) because my hands would get really dry and feel coated. After I bought this I no longer dreaded washing my hands they feel soft and clean, no coating 🙂

    I use this for my hands and my body when I take showers and baths. It works great for both. It’s a first for me not to have dry skin after using soap (detergent in actuality). I also use this as a face wash prior to applying a face moisturiser and I love how gentle it is. My face would act out crazy and blow out with zits if I used store-bought “soap”. It’s not really necessary though to use soap on your face everyday so I just use it once in a while because water is gentler than even the most gentle soap. That’s a thing to keep in mind. My skin looks best when I pay attention to if it really needs a deep cleansing or not.

    I’ve tried it for my hair but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I have long, straight (1C with few 2A waves close to the temples) and quite thick hair. My hair is dark blonde and the soap doesn’t stain it at all, I don’t think even the lightest blonde person should be worried about that 🙂 My scalp is neither oily nor dry. If your hair is like mine you probably shouldn’t buy this with the intention of using it as a shampoo. The lengths felt fine really smooth and clean, but my scalp absolutely hated the heavy moisture in this. My hair is not in need of moisture and you should know that natural, harmfree products are way more moisturizing than the store-bought “hair repair extra moisture” shampoos. They’re two totally different leagues. I didn’t even know my hair hates added moisture until I tried out natural options like this soap for example. It can’t hurt to try but don’t expect it to work unless your particular hair type is one that needs lots of moisture to stay healthy. I will be continuing to buy this soap because it smells lovely and it works beautifully for my skin 🙂

  5. 5 out of 5

    Usually I find soap too drying and shower gel is full of added nasties. This soap is the answer. It cleanses beautifully without leaving my skin feeling dry and tight. I will never go back to regular soap or shower gel again.

  6. 5 out of 5

  7. 5 out of 5

    This soap is really nice to use as it moisturises really well, but for me the smell is not quite strong enough as I like the strong smell of frankincense and patchouli and I couldn’t really smell either.

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