Kalahari Watermelon Body Moisturiser 100ml


This luscious moisturiser is one of our favourites! Our special recipe is an exotic blend of omega rich kalahari watermelon oil, zesty may chang, topped with organic lime and softening chamomile. The ultimate skin feast, this nourishing moisturiser is fruity, refreshing and toning. Packed with plant goodness it is restoring and nourishing – keeping skin bright, healthy and peachy soft.

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Kalahari watermelon body moisturiser is a tropical blend of cold-pressed watermelon oil and zesty citrus fruits. It has a crisp and zesty fragrance and acts as a stimulating tonic to cleanse and enliven dull, congested skin. This is the perfect choice for day time moisturising, to wake up the skin and the senses. Suitable for all skin types.

Kalahari Watermelon Cold pressed from community traded Kalahari watermelon seeds, this oil is light and rapidly absorbed by the skin.  This oil is good for balancing oily skin, while being restorative and nourishing in action. Its lightness makes it lovely to use as a bath, baby or massage oil base.  Watermelon oil is a natural moisturiser and particularly helpful for problem or oily skin conditions.  Our african oils are produced through a community trade programme, which focuses on co-operatives and womens associations producing goods that prove viable to benefit their community. These small co-operatives operate in very dry, rural parts of Africa, where there are often no other way of making a living.

Lime A fresh, citrus oil with a sharp tangy aroma. It is reputed to be wonderfully uplifting, being stimulating and refreshing.  Energising and revitalising, it will help lift the spirits, like many of the citrus oils.   It also has benefits on the skin – particularly where there is congestion, cellulite or oiliness. Lime is perfect for bath oils and massage blends.

May Chang Kind and gentle, may chang oil has a fresh, fruity and uplifting aroma. It is also astringent and tonic to the skin. It is regenerative to poor skin tone and helps to wake up the skin. Warm, fresh and zesty, may chang oil is gently energising and uplifting.