Rose Beauty Soap Bar 100g


A beautifully fragrant soap bar made with lots of wonderful ingredients including creamy shea butter and coconut oil.  Luxurious rose geranium gives this soap its fragrant beauty.  Soothing to dry or oily skin, rose clay restores harmony to upset skin, making this soap perfect for sensitive or congested skin.
100% natural ingredients and handmade!

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Rose Beauty Soap Bar

Handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients, our eco-friendly soap bars not only smell wonderful, they are kind and caring to the skin too.


Rose Clay A wonderfully cleansing natural clay, it helps to cleanse and refresh oily or problem skin and provides the lovely dusky pink colouring in our soap bar.

Rose Geranium In aromatherapy, rose geranium is naturally uplifting and a is a lovely oil to use after a stressful day to help unwind and relax.  Rose geranium helps to improve skin tone, cleanse and detoxify congested or dull skin, making it useful for cellulite.