Lemon Organic Essential Oil 10ml


Light and citrusy, this is an uplifting and refreshing oil with gentle, caring qualities, encouraging the feelings of well-being and increasing energy. It makes an excellent addition to a diffuser for purifying the air.

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Organic lemon essential oil is light, crisp and citrus, and is uplifting and refreshing. We think lemon oil is bottled sunshine, it is wonderful for brightening the mood and lifting the spirits. Lemon encourages feelings of well-being and increases energy. It makes an excellent addition to a diffuser. Not only will it brighten the mood, it will also help to cleanse the air. Lemon is a nice oil to use if you’re feeling down or even feeling under the weather.

Learn more: For the Love of Lemon…

Directions for use:

Use a couple of drops in an aromatherapy diffuser to cleanse and freshen the air. A natural antiseptic, lemon is ideal for burning when you have a cold or if you’re feeling low.  Allow lemon essential oil to bring sunshine and energy to your life.  Lemon is a wonderful addition to skincare blends, just add a drop to two to your recipes to complement your other oils. Lemon blends very nicely with lavender, frankincense and rose otto. It’s natural cleansing and antiseptic qualities make it useful for spots and skin problems. Always dilute lemon essential oil in a cold pressed oil or moisturiser before using it – don’t apply it directly to the skin.

Special Notes:

Lemon is a photo-toxic oil. This means that it may cause a skin reaction if the skin is exposed to sunlight soon after applying lemon essential oil. We advise using lemon essential oil at bedtime, or at the best time for you to maximise the time between use on the skin and exposure to sunlight.