National Eczema Week


It’s National Eczema Week! Unhappy, irritated,  hot and angry skin can pretty much take over your life, having a physical and emotional toll on your health. If you have a baby or a small child who suffers with chronic dry skin, eczema can become part of your every breathing, waking moments.

Firstly, I’d like to emphasis that we’re all very different and what works for some people does not work for another. Some skin problems clear up as we get older for no apparent reason. Some of us respond very well to changes in diet or lifestyle or beauty products – or all three. It’s a case of finding out why our skin reacts the way it does. This journey can be long, frustrating and emotionally draining. But if you are suffering right now, please don’t despair. There are lots of support groups out there to help you on your way and I’ve listed some at the bottom of this post.

Over the years, we’ve personally discovered just how much impact food and emotional stress has on our skin. Cleaning up the diet by reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods (and junk foods) and increasing nutritional content can have truly amazing results. We recommend exploring nutrition, food intolerance and food allergens. Switching to natural soaps, make up, shampoos, washing powders and beauty products can also reduce the load on your body and actually help to feed and repair damaged skin. Choose products that are free from possible irritants such as preservatives and artificial fragrances.  Choose rich, nutritious all natural moisturisers like our shea and olive body butter that will help to feed and repair problem skin. Try and find more time for your personal wellbeing (always easier said than done!). Make time and space in your life where you can be at ease, restful, happy and calm. If it’s not a priority, make it one!

We have a lot of customers with chronic skin complaints who have switched to natural products and find their skin responds very positively. Receiving feedback about how much people’s lives have changed for the better is incredibly rewarding! I’ve shared some of our customer’s experiences below in the hope that they can help you too.

“Hi! May I start off and thank you for supplying the best bath lotion ever! My daugther suffered with horrific allergen eczema til she was 8 months old and it wasn’t til I went Vegan that I managed to cure her. In the mean time, your Bedtime Baby Bath Milk soothed her itchy red scabby skin at bath times, followed by the shea butter. It honestly made such a difference and would recommend to anyone” H Jones.

“Completely amazing for babies and children on dry skin or eczema. We call this “magic cream”. We couldn’t do without it. Put it on little chapped hands last thing at night and just see the difference in the morning!” Gypsy

“I wouldn’t be without this bath milk. I have used it for both my children. It is particularly wonderful at keeping my son’s skin beautifully moisturised and therefore helps keep his eczema under control” Bola

“Perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Suffering from psoriasis I am always on the look-out for products that will take care of those rough, flaky patches. This works wonders. It provides long lasting moisturisation and at the same time is completely natural. No more worrying about chemicals or added “nasties”. This is the ultimate natural skin food. Teresa

“Excellent for eczema and mature skin. I’ve been using your jojoba oil for over a year on legs, arms and anywhere that is dry or itchy and think it is an excellent product. It moisturises my “mature” skin beautifully, without leaving it at all greasy. I wouldn’t be without it” Pamela

“Excellent unscented soap. This is very creamy and feels wonderful on the skin. Moisturising – doesn’t dry my skin like most other soaps. Excellent for eczema and dry skin people like myself, who can’t use essential oils!” Anonymous

“A must for dry skin! This shea butter is simply incredible. After months of searching for an all-natural product to deeply and intensely moisturise my body, I’ve finally found a winner with this shea butter! I find even with my very, very dry, flakey skin that it soaks it up and stays hydrated for a full day if not two, something I could’ve only dreamed of before. Best of all, it’s pure and organic. It’s simply worth every last penny.”

“Excellent body oil. I use this oil when my skin is very dry for example after I’ve been swimming. Castor oil is thick and very moisturising. It’s easier to apply than many oils are because it is so thick. I used to put it on my son’s eczema. It was very effective and much healthier than steroid creams. When we moved house to rural Scotland his eczema disappeared” D Smith

“This soap is amazing! I always suffer dry itchy skin, especially come winter time, I had come to just accept it and cream up. I bought this just to give it a go and wouldn’t have believed it could be so good. All of my dry patches disappear, even on the elbows and it requires no effort at all, just wash with it!!! Not only does it get rid of the dry bits, but it makes skin super soft. I cannot recommend this enough” J Kirby

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