Lavender Aromatic Roll On 12ml


This is serenity in a bottle! Relaxing and soothing it also makes a great, little skin saver on spots, scrapes and bites. Geranium is a natural anti depressent, so this is a good multi-purpose rollette for stressed out children and adults.

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Lavender aromatic roll on

This roll on celebrates one of our favourite aromatherapy oils. It is so versatile! Lavender is an indispensable part of any aromatherapy kit – we use it for just about everything. Lavender essential oil is a natural antiseptic and is handy to apply neat to distressed, problem skin, bites, bruises and outbreaks. Lavender has an excellent reputation for encouraging skin regeneration and repair.  It is fantastic for all kinds of skincare, being a cooling tonic, improving the circulation and promoting skin health. Try this pulse point on any skin that needs some extra care and attention. This is handy to keep in your bag when you’re out and about.

Lavender also has a wonderful ability to calm, relax and uplift. Use it for headaches, nervous tension, anxiety and general irritability. Lavender gently soothes and restores balance. It helps to release frustration and promotes self expression. Apply the lavender pulse point to your wrists and temples, whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.