Green Clay Face Mask 100g


Sundried green clay has remarkable cleansing powers – with an ability to draw out impurities that may be lurking under the skin layers. Green clay is ideal for anyone with sensitive or problem skin or any complexion in need of some attention.   Green clay helps to soothe the skin and draw out any underlying impurities that may have built up in the skin layers from cosmetics. Sundried clay means that the clay retains all its natural minerals and has not been chemically processed in any way.

Skin type: Normal, oily, sensitive.

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Sundried Green Clay is an extraordinary product with anti-ageing, cleansing and energising properties. A skin tonic, green clay is restorative and promotes well being. It is a fantastic application for a fast track to healthy, happy skin.

Using clay masks: Try using a clay mask twice a week for maintenance. If you have skin problems, use it once a day until your skin settles. When using a clay mask always remember to moisturise afterwards. For very dry skin, you may replace the water content with a cold pressed oil such as jojoba. This will create a nourishing, hydrating face mask.

How do I know if my skin needs detoxing? Look out for signs of skin dryness, blemishes, lack of skin tone and a congested complexion. Even if your skin is already healthy, a clay mask will help to maintain freshness, toning the skin and drawing out any impurities.

Apply your green clay face mask to a clean face.  Leave the mask on until the clay begins to dry on your face or starts to feel warm – after about 5-10 mins. Remember that if you leave a clay mask on for too long and it will counteract the benefits. The clay mask is also wonderful for blemishes. Simply apply the mask to the localised patches, wash after 5 mins and re-apply fresh mask to the area.

Please Note: If your skin is in need of serious TLC, it is not unusual that after applying your first clay mask your skin will feel warm and may redden. This is good news as it shows the clay is doing its job drawing impurities from the skin. Any redness or pinkness will diminish and disappear completely. This effect will lessen each time you use the mask. Bathe your face with cool water after use and simply re-apply the clay until your skin establishes a balance. We recommend trying your first green clay mask before bedtime, when you don’t need to leave in a hurry, just in case!

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