Cedar and Lime Soap Bar 100g


This wonderfully cleansing soap bar combines the properties of green clay, woodsy cedar and zesty lime oil, for a refreshing shower experience. This wonderful soap bar is ideal for dry, sensitive skin types.

Our soaps are small batch made in our Pembrokeshire workshop, handcrafted with love and care and cured for six weeks or more before wrapping ♥

  • Artisan soap, handmade in small batches
  • Designed in house by our aromatherapist
  • Made with the very finest oils you can buy!
  • Palm-free
  • Hand poured and cut
  • Cured for six weeks or more
  • Wrapped by hand
  • Lasts SO much longer than other soaps, offering great value
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Handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients, our eco-friendly soap bars not only smell wonderful, they are kind and caring to the skin too.

Green Clay A wonderfully cleansing natural clay, it helps to cleanse and refresh oily or problem skin and provides the lovely green colouring in our soap bar.

Cedarwood In aromatherapy, cedarwood is naturally purifying and is fantastic for cleansing congested skin and problem skin prone to breakouts.  It also benefits from being anti-microbial.