Party prep…

Partying, it’s all in the preparation. Forget dieting, if you really want to look great in that little black dress, follow our top tips for glowing skin, glossy locks and a strokeably smooth body!

The night before…

Skin feeling a bit ‘meh’? A face mask is an absolute must. If you fancy a treat, try the Chocolate Marshmallow Face Mask, which smells divine and feels really indulgent. Spots always seem to appear when you least want them, don’t they? A Green Clay Face Mask could be just what you need. Not only does it help to soothe skin, but it can draw out impurities super quickly. In other words, it can halt spots and outbreaks in their tracks and even stop them from appearing in the first place.

If you’re de-fuzzing, it’s best to do it now, so that you’re not in such a hurry and any irritation has time to die down. It’s also a good idea to wash your hair the night before the party, as freshly washed hair doesn’t tend to hold hairstyles well.

footflowersIf you’ve been hiding your feet away in boots for the last few weeks, a pedicure might be in order before your don your strappy sandals. Zoya and Butter London make some great nail polishes, and they’re free from the harsh chemicals you’ll find in most other polishes. You might want to use a foot cream first though, to soften any dry, rough patches. Try the Tangerine Twist Foot Smoothie, a luxurious blend of oils that helps to soften skin and reinvigorate tired feet (particularly useful if you’ve been trawling around the shops).  For a super intensive treatment, apply organic shea butter liberally to your feet, then pop on some old socks. Now you can look forward to soft skin in the morning!

On the day…

Exposing those legs after months in jeans? Use a good body scrub, before slathering on some Organic Shea and Olive Body Butter. Don’t have a scrub to hand? Try mashing up a ripe banana with three tablespoons of sugar, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. It’s a bit messy, but works wonders.

Make sure that you have a really clean base to begin with, before applying your makeup.  Our Sweet Orange Cleansing Cream not only removes makeup, grime and toxins, it also hydrates skin, and leaves it softer, smoother and brighter.

You’ll want to apply a good dose of moisturiser to combat the drying effects of cold weather and central heating. Try our Replenishing Rose Face Cream, which is rich in nutrients and vitamins, so delivers a real boost of antioxidants. It’s super rich, so you only need the tiniest amount for potent rehydration!
Puffy eyes? Whether you didn’t get the best night’s sleep, or you’re just a bit rundown, you can reduce the puffiness with our Rose Berry Eye Revitaliser and no one need know.  Spritizing with Rosewater will also help to reduce puffiness and redness, it’s a fantastic eye remedy.

When it comes to the finishing touches, Argan oil is ideal for smoothing the ends of your hair and taming flyaway strands.  Just

Finally, pop a bottle of rose water in your handbag; it’s great for freshening up when the dancefloor is packed.  You may also find that packing an energising Exotic Spice Aromatic Roll On helps you keep dancing until daybreak! Have fun x

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