Bright eyes…with natural skincare

Late nights, emotional stress and self neglect can often reveal themselves in sad, tired skin around the eyes. There are a whole host of natural ingredients ready to take care of the delicate  skin around your eyes and help them look bright and well.

The first and foremost remedy for tired eyes is a vibrant, nourishing diet, a healthy water intake and plenty of rest. However, that is not always possible! Organic rosewater is beautifully soothing and super anti-inflammatory – it takes centre stage for natural eye care. You can soothe sore, itchy or over tired eyes with a cooling rosewater treatment. For the best results, soak two cotton wool pads in organic rosewater.  Apply one to each eye and take a welcome rest for up to 10 minutes, while the rosewater works it’s magic. This is actually an ancient eye remedy and rosewater was used to soothe the eyes long before it became a beauty treatment.  If you don’t have rosewater to hand, try cooled chamomile or lavender teabags.  Rosewater is also an effective eye tonic and it may be used everyday to improve skin tone. We swear by it!

Always choose a light, nourishing oil to moisturise the thin and delicate skin around the eyes.  We recommend moisturising gently, taking care not to drag the skin or cause too much friction. Evening primrose oil is beautifully light and lovely for sensitive skin. Sweet almond oil is also lovely and light and suitable for nourishing the eye area. Rosehip seed oil is a fantastic oil for eye skincare and will help with any marks or imperfections, as well as being a potent anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment.  You can benefit from both rosehip and evening primrose in our rose berry eye revitaliser specifically designed to take care of your eyes. A good moisturiser applied gently will help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and improve skin tone.

If you wear eye makeup, opt for a natural cleansing oil. Cleansing oils will help to remove your makeup as well as provide moisturising properties.

We recommend using sweet almond oil or rice bran beauty oil for effective, gentle cleansing. Simply apply a small amount of your chosen oil to a cotton wool pad and wipe gently over the eye area. I like using coconut oil for my eye makeup. It’s fast and effective!  Organic castor oil can also be used to make cleansing oils – it is a thick, sticky oil so works best diluted with another lighter oil. Castor oil is an amazing oil in it’s own right and it can be used to lighten imperfections and clear the skin.  Not only this, castor oil is also traditionally used to encourage thicker, more luscious eyelashes! If you need to encourage new healthy eyebrow growth or more lustrous eyelashes, castor oil is the ideal application as it is particularly useful for thinning hair and poor growth.  Always take care when you apply castor oil near your eyes, to ensure it doesn’t get into your eyes.

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