Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! We are passionate about nature, it inspires us every day! We’re committed to living a lifestyle that promotes health and well being for everyone – we hope that our love for healthy living and nature shines through each of our products 🙂
Choosing natural products can actively benefit you, your skin and the world around you. Our passion for nature, trees and conservation inspire all of our recipes for natural moisturisers, soaps and oils. We aim to offer products with a conscience that reflect our ethics for both people and the planet. Our botanical ingredients are ethically sourced and are full of goodness, ensuring that everyone benefits – from tree to tub! There is a long list of ingredients that you won’t find in our products, from parfum to parabens and paraffin. We like to think about the impact our ingredient choices make before we use them…


Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic found in cosmetics from toothpaste to facial scrubs. They’re so small that they end up in rivers, lakes and eventually the sea. They have a devastating effect on marine wildlife and habitats. Microbeads add to the growing plastic ‘soup’ in our seas and they end up in the marine food chain. What’s more, they don’t decompose. Making more positive choices about which skincare and cosmetics you use will make a difference. We never use microbeads – instead we choose natural biodegradable ingredients such as brown sugar for their exfoliating action. Go natural and your skin will thank you for it too! 🙂


It’s easy to assume that all natural ingredients are better for the environment. Keep an eye out for rare or unsustainable ingredients such as sandalwood, rosewood and palm oil. Supporting their production can actually contribute to deforestation and destruction of natural forest habitats. (Find out more about palm oil here)  At Akamuti we don’t use unsustainable ingredients from endangered plants or trees, and avoid any ingredients linked to habitat destruction. Our palm oil, for example, is sustainably sourced.

Ingredients are important At Akamuti we only use 100% natural, botanical ingredients. We don’t add synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, colours, or other chemicals that can harm the environment (and aren’t exactly great for us either!). Many of our ingredients are organic, helping to support organic farmers who choose not to use toxic pesticides. We love supporting small producers who work with their environment sustainably. From black soap ethically sourced from co-operatives in Ghana to shea butter nilotica from Uganda, we aim to bring you nourishing products with a heart too.


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