Akamuti Beauty Guide for Mature Skin…

Are you looking for something to help bring back some natural glow to your skin? Whenever we’re designing mature skincare products, we look for ingredients which are renowned for their excellent rejuvenating and revitalising properties, that we know will give tired skin a welcome lift, improve tone and even give your skin a new lease of life.

One ingredient that ticks all of our boxes, is the superb organic golden jojoba oil. Technically a wax and not an oil, jojoba oil is wonderful for plumping up dry, tired skin and studies show that it actively helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Add to this it’s excellent moisturising abilities and you a have a ready made skin treatment straight from the bottle! Golden jojoba oil benefits from being non-comedogenic – meaning that it won’t block pores or exacerbate oily or acne prone skin. So if your skin is also on the unsettled side, jojoba oil will help to restore balance. You may use jojoba oil neat as a plain and unscented moisturiser or even as a night-time serum. If you prefer, add some essential oils to your jojoba for extra anti-wrinkle potency as well as fragrance! (see below for our favourites).

Rosehip seed oil is ideal for undernourished or neglected skin and it makes a great everyday moisturiser. It works well on marked skin and thirsty skin in need of nourishment. It is also ideal if you suffer with rosacea, acne or any kind of unsettled skin problem. For dry, damaged skin organic macadamia oil is a really lovely moisturiser. Luxurious and softening to the skin, it has protecting qualities that will help the skin from deterioration in the long term, resulting in healthier looking skin. Macadamia oil contains the highest level of palmitoleic acid of any plant oil making it excellent for dry, aging skin. Other favourites of ours include organic argan and avocado.

Moringa oil is a powerful and potent anti-aging moisturiser. It is a superior moisturising oil, offering fantastic anti-aging properties for the face and the body. It has huge resistance to oxidation, making it extremely valuable as a moisturiser for mature skin, as well as for creating long lasting products. Try adding some frankincense essential oil to your moringa oil for a superb, luxury facial oil fit for a king or queen!

If your skin is really dry and lack lustre, try a few drops of organic pomegranate oil. This is an intensive oil and it is quite thick and rich in texture. It is super softening though, you really have to try it! If your skin feels like it needs that something extra, pomegranate is a powerhouse of moisturising nourishment. As it is a little heavier than most oils, try a few drops as a nighttime facial oil.

We recommend keeping your skin healthy and nourished by using a moisturiser twice a day. (We use lots of the oils mentioned above to make our replenishing rose face creamreplenishing rose facial oil and our award winning rose berry eye revitaliser.)  Refresh your skin almost immediately by applying a nourishing clay mask 2-3 times a week.  Try our rose beauty mask or the green clay to promote healthy tone. A gentle facial scrub will also help to keep your skin glowing – include one in your routine twice a week.  Don’t forget to enrich your diet with lots of colourful fruits and vegetables to give your skin the best chance to shine from the inside out!

If you would like a personal recommendation for your skin type, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: lindsey@akamuti.co.uk 

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