Treating problem skin naturally…

Natural products have a lot to offer unhappy skin and they really can help to settle and bring balance to the most upset skin. There are lots of reasons people turn to natural skincare.

Some people want to minimise the chemicals they’re exposed to; others want to do their bit for their environment and some hope it can improve their problem skin.

So, can switching to natural skincare help tackle problem skin?

I definitely recommend trying 100% natural products if you suffer from acne, oily skin, or even just the occasional annoying outbreak. Look for products that don’t contain any harsh cleansing agents, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances, all of which can wreak havoc with your skin.  A gentle, simple approach to your skincare routine can promote healing and restore your natural healthy glow.

If you suffer from acne, there is often a temptation to use products that claim to reduce oiliness, particularly if your skin often feels greasy. Unfortunately, some toners and cleansers can be very drying and they can even make the situation worse. Dehydrated skin may overcompensate by increasing oil production. You may end up with combination skin, where you have some oily areas and acne, and some dry patches. Choosing the correct products will help your skin to achieve balance.

Cleanse your way to clearer skin

Problem skin responds very well to cleansing. Choose a very gentle cleanser that isn’t going to exacerbate any existing issues.  I recommend using the liquid African black soap  if you’re looking for a facial soap. Not only is it gentle, it also contains skin friendly ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter, so it’s very nourishing. What’s more, it’s made with organic rosewater (a skin tonic in itself) – helping to hydrate and calm skin complaints. Customers have reported a noticeable improvement in acne, psoriasis and other issues after regular use.  This is our go-to soap for facial skin problems, try it once a day!

Organic coconut oil makes a fantastic cleansing oil. Light and gentle it will leave your skin feeling super soft and nourished. Simply apply a small amount to your skin and then wipe it away with cotton wool. It will effortlessly lift daily grime and make up.  Other great cleansing oils include organic castor oil and rice bran beauty oil.

Twice a week, try our green clay face mask. This mask is unbeatable! It can really help to draw out impurities and soothe inflammation so it is perfect for calming any outbreak of spots. Try using the mask on the effected area several times over, one application after the other. Just leave it on for a few minutes each time, then gently wipe away with warm water. You should notice a real difference! For even better results, try mixing in a few drops of organic witch hazel in with your face mask.

Try a toner

Our Tea tree water makes the perfect toner for problem skin – it is cleansing and purifying without being drying. If you have very active, oily acne our organic witch hazel will help to bring your outbreaks under control. Use your toner on clean skin, before applying a moisturiser.

Nourish your problem skin

Don’t be afraid to use the right oils on your oily or problem skin. I recommend a few drops of replenishing rose facial oil.  Designed for problem skin, it is made with organic jojoba and rose otto oils, both of which are excellent for restoring balance to upset skin.  I know it sounds strange to use an oil on problem skin, but it can really help to balance your skin’s own natural oil production and restore calm. Please rest assured that these oils won’t exacerbate your outbreaks or make your skin more oily!

We also offer organic jojoba oil by itself, which is ideal if you want something plain and unscented, or fancy making your own facial oil.  Jojoba oil is very close in composition to the skin’s own natural oils, so it’s ideal as a moisturiser.  Alongside jojoba oil, there are some fantastic oils for problem, oily or acne prone skin. Look out for organic sesame, watermelon and even organic rosehip seed oil – all of which will not exacerbate your skin problems but rather soothe and settle them.

Treating outbreaks

Most of us get at least an occasional outbreak of spots, often linked to our menstrual cycle, stress or simply overdoing it! Try the mask mentioned above, and dab on a few drops of organic witch hazel, a drop or two of tea tree essential oil or lavender essential oil (both of these oils are great for promoting healing). Alternatively, try our Tea Tree and Lavender Cream, which is a great all-round cream for skin ailments. I also love to use organic lemon essential oil, although you do need to dilute this one, as it’s too strong to use neat.  Try adding a drop or two to your daily moisturiser to keep spots under control.

Check your diet


A healthy balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, is always going to benefit your skin. You may also want to try taking a good zinc and magnesium supplement; I’ve found that they help to repair the skin from the inside out. I also personally swear by lemon juice and warm water every morning! It’s very cleansing and nourishing and helps promote clear skin.

So why not show your skin some love and start your natural skincare journey today 🙂

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