The magical art of distillation

How is our gorgeous rosewater made?

Herbal distillation has a very long history, spanning many hundreds of years. However, it is Avicenna, the 10th century Persian alchemist who is credited with perfecting the art, in particular the steam distillation of rosewater, with the invention of the cooling coil. 

Rosewater is made using the finest, freshly picked rose blooms. They must be hand picked very early in the morning when the petals are still covered in dew, as this is when the rose oil content in the petals is at it’s highest.  The delicate, fragrant blooms are placed carefully into sacks to ensure that the petals don’t get too bruised and then they are swiftly taken to the distillery for immediate processing… 

Once placed in the still, the fresh blooms are steamed. The distillation process involves a heat source, water and a holding vessel or distilling tank. Water is heated to create steam and the steam is allowed to percolate through a giant vessel filled with rose petals. As the steam passes through the rose petals, the essence of the rose is gently liberated and released into the steam.  As the fragrant steam rises, it must pass through a condensing pipe.  As the steam cools and condenses,  the newly formed water droplets are now beautifully fragrant with rose. 

This delightful, fragrant water is what we know today as rosewater.  The rosewater is left to stand and the micro droplets of precious essential oil suspended in the water slowly rises to the surface. As water and oil don’t mix, this precious oil can easily be skimmed from the surface of the rosewater, resulting in two beautifully fragrant products. 

Rosewater is extremely kind and nourishing to all skin types. It makes a delightful toner for the complexion, being soothing, softening and calming to the skin. It is surprisingly effective on blemishes and is a tonic for any skin that feels inflamed, aggravated or irritated.  Soak a little cotton wool in rosewater and apply it directly to the face before moisturising.  Rose also brings it’s nurturing qualities to beauty treatments and skincare, it is aptly called a beauty treatment in a bottle! 

We are absolutely in love with it and you will find it in many of our skincare products.






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