My skin is really angry – help!

We’ve all had those days, weeks or even months when your skin seems to be a law to itself. Having upset, unhappy skin can be very frustrating when you’re not sure what is going to help and what you need to avoid. So, if your skin is throwing a tantrum, it’s time to sit down and come up with a soothing skincare strategy to restore calm and equilibrium.
Step 1. Analyse your skincare products. Check out the ingredient lists and ask yourself is there anything you’re using which may be aggravating your skin? Are you sensitive to alcohol, fragrances or preservatives? If you’re unsure, stop using your current products and strip back your skincare routine to keep it super simple.  Soaps and shampoo can make a difference too, so choose a high quality product made with natural ingredients.

Step 2. Use alternative, kinder products. Avoid harsh synthetics and foaming agents in your soaps and cleansers. Look for natural moisturisers that work for your skin type, avoiding fillers, fragrances and chemical additives.

Step 3. Be much, much kinder to yourself. Stress management can have a huge impact on your skin health. I can’t say in one sentence just how good relaxation is for your face! Yoga, meditation and walking are all ideal activities to include in your day – they will help you manage your stress levels – so I urge you to make time for whatever helps you relax and switch off. Being emotionally stressed will take it’s toll on your face (I speak from experience!) so it’s really important to find ways to keep calm and relax.

Step 4. Improve your diet. We’ve heard it all before but do we actually take it on board? Drop the junk food and fill your diet with fresh fruits and colourful vegetables. Orange foods like butternut squash are rich in skin friendly minerals like beta carotene and they will help you to glow from the inside out.  Choose unprocessed whole foods and avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol where you can. Increase your intake of water, lemon juice and mineral rich foods – they will boost your skin’s ability to repair and rejuvenate.

Our top tips for angry, dry skin:

If your skin is angry and irritated, we recommend using organic rosewater. Soothing to distressed skin, rosewater can be used to cleanse the skin, tone it and nourish it. Unlike conventional toners, this pure distillate is alcohol-free and will leave your skin feeling plump and fresh (none of that angry dry feeling). Use the rosewater as often as you wish to until your skin looks calmer, hopefully you should see a difference fairly quickly. Rosewater is cooling and anti-inflammatory, so it makes the perfect skin tonic for sensitive skin.  Avoid using soaps and any other products until your skin settles down.

Moisturise your skin with a plain, unscented moisturiser. If there is heat in your skin, cool the area first with organic rosewater or even chilled chamomile tea. Keep your skincare products super simple and watch your skin respond. Make sure you give your skin time to heal. Evening primrose oil is a wonderfully gentle facial oil that is particularly helpful for hormonal outbreaks or facial eczema.  If eczema is a recurring problem, choose our nutritious hemp oil blend, designed for dry skin problems.  If your skin feels it needs something richer, choose pomegranate oil or raspberry seed oil.   Apply some cooling rhassoul clay to your skin before your next shower, to nourish and soothe. Your skin will thank you for it.

Once your skin is feeling more settled, you may use Liquid African Black Soap to cleanse.


Our top tips for angry skin with spots:

Rosewater is fantastic for your skin type too. Use it to soothe areas of redness before moisturising. For very active acne, try using tea tree water water or witch hazel water, to bring outbreaks under control.  Liquid African Black Soap is great for unsettled skin, it makes a great face and body soap due to the simplicity of it’s ingredients.

If you’re suffering with angry outbreaks of spots and pimples, choose organic golden jojoba oil as your moisturiser. It is wonderfully caring, softening and soothing to acne prone skin and will help to bring balance.  Or choose our replenishing rose facial oil designed specifically for acne prone skin. For individual outbreaks, spots or angry pimples, a drop of organic tea tree essential oil on the area offers anti-septic properties and promotes healing. If you’re not too keen on tea tree, choose lavender essential oil or lemon oil. Lemon oil is just wonderful, just make sure you dilute this one first as it’s potent!  Keep your skin on the right track with a cooling clay mask – opt for green clay or neem mineral mask to bring your spots under control.

Still not sure what’s best for your skin? Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help.

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