Shea Butter Nilotica…a story of hope for African women

This little tub of organic skincare goodness comes from East African forests and is harvested by women rebuilding their country after years of unrest.  It carries with it a wonderful story of hope and renewal from the heart of Africa.

This lovely shea butter nilotica comes from wild trees growing deep in the forests of Northern Uganda. A country scarred by war, shea butter production in Uganda has developed in more peaceful times, providing the women with renewed hope for a better future.

Shea butter nilotica is of sacred importance to the women who grow, harvest and process it and who rely on these trees to sustain their families and communities. The shea tree has proved itself a lifeline in times of drought, not only for income but also as a nutritional food source. Also known as golden shea butter, nilotica’s softer texture and limited availability means that it can command a much higher price than it’s West African cousin and is an increasingly valuable source of income. Although very similar in properties and benefits to West African shea butter, Shea nilotica contains far higher levels of oleic acid making it a much more desirable texture.

For me personally, it was love at first sight, or should that be touch! It is a beautiful tree butter, soft and easy to apply without the hassle of having to warm it up or melt it before use. It suits dry, thirsty skin perfectly and is ideal for top to toe moisturising.  Try it as a rich anti-aging body balm or a nutritive hand and foot butter for dry or rough skin. I love to take mine on my travels!

Full of forest goodness, it is naturally high in Vitamins A and E, which are all carefully preserved through cold pressing and minimal processing. It is full of forest fragrance too, almost like a rich earthy honey. I love how it feels on my skin, moisturising, softening and comforting. I also love knowing that it supports the producers and the forests they depend on.

We hope you enjoy trying it and trust that this little slice of Africa will find a special place in your home and heart too.

Lindsey x

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