Spikenard Essential Oil 10ml


This high quality Spikenard oil is organically grown in Nepal. Spikenard has a deep, earthy, woodsy aroma reminiscent of the dark green forest floor it grows in.  The fragrant rhizomes are steam distilled to release the essential oil.

A rejuvenating oil, it was used by the Romans in their perfumery and by the Empress Nur Jehan as a rejuvenating beauty oil. Tonic and rejuvenating to the skin, it is most useful to mature skin.

Spikenard oil is a very comforting and relaxing oil – it is the oil of choice for promoting rest and a good night’s sleep.

Spikenard is a non-toxic oil which blends well with lavender, pine, patchouli and other spicy oils.

Tip!  Spikenard is a powerful oil with a very rich earthy aroma. Try using one drop of this oil on the solar plexus area if you feel fractious, overwhelmed, stressed or unsettled. It will balance the emotions and help to promote a good nights sleep. Alternatively massage a little into the soles of the feet.

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Spikenard essential oil (Jatamansi oil) is a superbly calming and grounding oil. It is renowned for its ability to promote a deep sleep and relaxation.
It’s grounding qualities make it an important choice for helping with loss, grief and trauma. Powerfully calming and comforting, spikenard helps to rebalance the emotions and settle feelings of upset. Similarly, for the skin, spikenard is a tonic oil and helps to take care of inflammation and irritated skin.

Directions for use:

To support and calm the nervous system, dilute one drop of spikenard essential oil in one teaspoon cold pressed oil and apply it to the temples. Superb for bedtime, try warming a little diluted oil between the palms to inhale. Encourage sweet sleep by massaging some diluted oil into the soles of the feet at bedtime. A drop of spikenard essential oil may be used neat on the solar plexus or on the feet to promote a meditative state and settle anxiety.  We recommend using spikenard essential oil after a warm shower, before bedtime.