Candle – Rose & Geranium Scented Natural Candle 200g


Gently infused with the enchanting fragrance of natural essential oils, this gorgeous candle is embedded with sacred smudge of dried rose, geranium petals and cardamom spice to cleanse and purify the energy of the surrounding space.
This beautifully decorated wax-filled jar promises to deliver feelings of love, light and positive energy.
Open your heart chakra to giving and receiving unconditional love with this magical smudge of rose and geranium.

Lindsey’s verdict “Beautifully uplifting, this candle would make a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one. It is my candle of choice for creating a calm peaceful space for rest and relaxation in my bathroom”.

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These candles are handmade in India. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no child labour is used, and no animal by-product ingredients. Recycled paper is used for all the packaging – zero plastic.

A purchase of this candle helps support over 10,000 families in India. It also helps support children in poverty who have lost one or both of their parents, by providing schooling. Funds from the sale of this candle helps pay school fees, transportation, uniforms, stationery, extra tuition when needed, medical care and any other things required to help those children prosper in their individual vision.