Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin 100ml


A rich fragrant organic olive oil, used in skincare for thousands of years. It is packed with goodness to keep your skin soft, supple and  healthy. Rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, especially in Vitamin E – it helps to reduce wrinkles and replenish moisture & nutrients lost through exposure to the sun. Mediterranean people have always used olive oil on their skin, particularly skin exposed to the weather.

Did you know? Our organic olive oil is fairly traded with farming co-operatives in Nablus, Palestine. Ancient olive trees are tended by farming families who have cared for their trees for generations and it is the olive tree which sustains approximately half of the population. Farming in the West Bank is difficult & fraught with hardship, so supporting the production of olive oil provides a valuable outlet for this fragile economy.

We recommend using this oil for: Everyday moisturising, nourishing dry and sunned skin, conditioning hair and scalp oil.

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Our organic olive oil is extra virgin and cold pressed from organically grown fruits. It is a superior, high quality oil grown and harvested by producers in Palestine.  Olive oil has been used since the very earliest times. Nutrient rich, this protecting skincare oil offers the skin rehydration and replenishment. A useful cleanser and moisturiser, olive oil will keep the skin soft, supple and healthy. Topical application will combat dry skin and replenish any skin exposed to the sun and wind.

Producers in Palestine This wonderful organic olive oil supports a very fragile economy for farmers growing olives under extreme hardship in the West Bank. Trading olive oil with Palestine offers an income and hope to the people living with oppression under military occupation.

Find out more about the production of olive oil in Palestine here

One of the growers, Mohammad Irsheid explains the benefits that Zaytoun has made to his family:
“Fairtrade has had a big impact on my life in all sorts of ways. First of all, I started receiving higher prices, and that made a huge difference to our family’s farming income. I stopped worrying about searching for local traders that would take my olive oil with conditions and at low prices. Now it all goes to one buyer and we get paid during the harvest instead of waiting months. We are now our own masters. In short, Fairtrade made farming viable for us as Palestinian farmers.”

Mohammad has been able to spend some of his profits on planting new olive and almond trees. Farming is one of the main industries in Palestine, although many people have lost their land (and therefore their livelihoods), due to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Zaytoun supports the Trees for Life project run by the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Trees for Life provides farmers with saplings, for example to replace those destroyed by the Israeli military. Almost 100,000 saplings have been planted altogether.

Olive trees have long been a symbol of peace and reconciliation the world over. Palestinian producers often have to endure the deliberate destruction of their ancient olive groves. Support the producers by buying olive trees for replanting here: