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Aritha powder – Soapnut Powder (also known as Reetha Powder or Soapnut) Sapindus laurifolia

Soap from a tree?  Yes! This amazing tree produces nuts or pods which are high in saponins & provide a very natural foaming agent for shampoos & body washes.  Traditionally used in India as a shampoo it doesn’t have to stop there….in fact Aritha or Soapnut powder is so incredibly versatile we don’t know where to begin!

We’ve tried & tested it as a super natural shampoo & it is pretty incredible. It didn’t leave any cakey or claggy feeling whatsoever – just clean shiny scalp & hair. Hooray!!

You can use it to shampoo your hair, make up a gentle cleanser by adding some to your face mask & so on.  Try this powder as the ultimate eco, environmentally friendly, totally bio-degradable cleansing agent.

Shampoo Add a little water to the powder to make a runny paste.  Massage the paste into the scalp & stroke through the hair & leave on for up to 5 minutes.  Rinse out throughly with water. Yes thats it!  This method will feel strange at first as there is no lather at all but bear with it & we’re pretty sure you won’t be using anything else.

You should not need to use a conditioner or shampoo with this product.

Short hair: use 2 teaspoons

Long hair: use 3 teaspoons

Tip! The runnier your paste the easier it will be to evenly run through your hair.

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