Lindsey is the founder of Akamuti. Ever since she was a teenager, she dreamed about being her own boss. She is inspired by nature and natural beauty and is passionate about people and the planet. She loves food, people and music and is often seen dashing out of the house to go dancing.

“Akamuti was born in 2003 from a passion for nature, trees and natural products. I was determined to create a range of natural products that were brimming with goodness and soul. I dreamed about products that told me a story with their ingredients, a story of soils and climates and the people who grew them. I’m still dreaming about those things! Akamuti brings together my love for healing, people, plants and the planet.

I live and work in a beautiful green valley in west Wales, overlooking fields and forests.  I love living here and it’s beauty inspires me every day. I’m passionate about trees, oils and natural medicine and the natural world. I like to indulge my creative side by writing, hunting for exciting oils and dreaming up new products.

When I’m not busy in the office, I like getting out on my bike, sitting by the sea, watching stormy skies and dressing up to go dancing. I love music and flowers. I am inspired by kindness, fearless women, nature and food.

I am currently reading Feral, a book about rewilding by George Monbiot. It reminds me just how disconnected we have become from the natural world and just how much being immersed in it can promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I love all things beautiful. I am particularly fond of the sea and wide open spaces. Some of my favourite things include a vast blue sky, a poetry book, a forest garden, roses and sweet peas, dancing, sunshine and people with kind hearts. Did I mention flowers? ? “