Anita is the queen of cream making at Akamuti. Anita spends the day working with jugs of golden oils, luxurious butters and fragrant waxes. She is in charge of crafting all our buttery balms and magically turns beeswax and butter into rich, nourising creams. Anita is passionate about permaculture and she is a keen gardener in her limited spare time. She can often be found in the kitchen, busy bottling homemade kefir and kombucha, which are quickly taking over her life…


What inspires you? Nature has always been my greatest inspiration. The harmony that exists in nature from the smallest ecosystem to life in the largest oceans, never fails to enable me to get my own life into perspective. People who inspire me the most are those ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things. People who volunteer and make huge changes in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves will always inspire me to do more.

What’s next in the garden? November to January is the time to plant trees and I have a “mini wood” waiting in the wings. I have 22 mixed saplings, ranging from crab apples to hazel, rowan and blackthorn. Time to get down and dirty, digging holes for the tender trees. Our wildlife pond which was established last spring has attracted a myriad of insects and birds to our garden and has inspired me to establish another pond in the wilder part of the garden. We will fence it off and stand back and watch as nature dresses the pond edges in the way she sees fit and then wait for those beautiful dragonflies to return to dance & hover over the water. I am also looking forward to watching the frog cycle taking place again…who would have thought that I could get so excited about seeing those little wrigglers develop into the tiniest, cutest little hoppers?!

Which local charity would you like people to know about? I am fully behind charities who help without prejudice. With that in mind I think that Matthews House in Swansea are a very worthy cause to support. “Matthew’s House exists to provide a warm and welcoming building in the heart of Swansea with the express intention of being accessible for the homeless and most vulnerable in Swansea. We aim for it to have the feel of a home where hospitality is experienced by all who enter the doors, regardless of their background, beliefs or circumstances”.

What are you reading at the moment? I am into all things fermented , so my bedside table is piled with books on the subject. My first book is “The Art of Fermentation” by Sandoor Ellix Katz….I heard an interview with him on Radio 4 and promptly bought his book! It is not light reading but I keep going back to it for reference as I attempt to make my own kefir and kombucha. This book has been a stepping stone to other books on the health benefits of friendly gut bacteria. I can vouch for the excellent health benefits of drinking kefir (fermented dairy drink). Oh and as a bit of light relief (!) I am reading “Nigel” by Monty Don. It is one of the sweetest books I have read for a long time.

Do you have a favourite product? I have a few but I would not be without my Rose Facial Oil! I use this twice a day along with a healthy spritzing of Rosewater. I love the fragrance of this product and whenever I have used it, someone will say “Mmmm…you smell nice!” My mature skin loves the face oil and without it, my skin feels very unhappy. I don’t run out though, as I can replenish my bottle any time 😉