19 years and counting…

What a year we’ve had so far. 

2022 marks our 19th birthday (wow!) and we’re still as passionate as ever about making natural skincare and botanical ingredients.  We’re always learning new things and there is always so much to discover. Today, we’re as devoted as ever to our natural principles. We care passionately about the natural world and the people who live on it. We remain committed to our dreams and look forward to making more of them happen in the future.
While running a business is not always fun, it is has for the most part been a joy! I am grateful to spend my days working alongside my friends and family, designing, creating, mixing, batching and promoting all things natural!  We’re blessed to run our business from a beautiful corner of west Wales. Our little workshop sits beside the sea, not far from the coastal national park, where a wild and windswept coastline awaits.
We hope that each of our products carry a little of this natural spirit with them, from us to you!
I started Akamuti in 2003 from a keen interest in plant medicine and natural ingredients.  I was determined to create a range of natural products that were brimming with goodness and nourishment.  I dreamed about products that told a story with their ingredients, a story of forests and gardens and the amazing people who grow our ingredients and harvest them.
Akamuti brings together my love for healing, people, plants and the planet 🙂
We have been privileged to have a lot of positive support from the very beginning. The feedback we receive makes everything worthwhile and it is always a pleasure to hear from our customers. It is thanks to you, our dear and loyal customers, that we can continue on our botanical skincare journey for hopefully many more years to come!  
It seems that now, more than ever, people are being drawn to use natural products and enjoy the benefits of wholesome products. The need to connect to nature and one’s self is stronger than ever, in a world that seems to get ever busier and louder. In light of this, we’ll be focusing even more on oils and products that can help us find still, quiet spaces among the busy chapters of our everyday lives, to ensure we have the tools we need to stay calm and grounded. 
We hope you’ll join us for the next chapter! 
Our customers keep us in business, so thank you for supporting us.
If you are ever in Pembrokeshire, be sure to pop into the shop and say hello, it would be great to meet you.
Thank you for sharing our vision for a healthier, happier world.
Lindsey x

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