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Murumuru Butter 50g (MURU50)


Murumuru Butter 50g
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Murumuru Butter (Astrocaryum murumuru)
Suitable for vegans

Murumuru butter is solid at room temperature. Melt 1 tablespoon of Murumuru & comb or massage through damp hair as a pre-wash conditioner. It can be used as a leave in conditioner for afro hairstyles.

Average Customer Rating 5/5

Anonymous rated this as: 5/5

Great for dry afro hair

I have natural afro-caribbean hair and I love this butter. It adds shine and keeps moisture in like no other butter. Don't be put off by the smell. I mix up an essential oil blend, melt the murumuru in a bowl of just boiled water from the kettle and add the essential oil blend. I use the murumuru butter on my hair when it's melted as it is easier to work in.

I miss it being supplied in a metal jar though as it's easier to melt in a metal jar.

Murumuru is a creamy coloured Brazilian tree butter which is well known for its powerful emollient, soothing qualities & jam packed full of Vitamin A.

It helps to retain moisture, restore natural sheen & softness & improve the flexibility of your hair. Absolutely brilliant for dry hair, this conditioning butter creates a permeable barrier that prevents moisture loss whilst keeping your skin moist & tresses hydrated & pliable.

Murumuru is ideal for the treatment of lifeless and damaged hair. It is highly recommended for Afro-ethnic hair care. The Vitamin A content is three times higher than a carrots! 

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