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Organic Unscented CLEAR Liquid Soap 250ml (LQCA250)


Organic Unscented CLEAR Liquid Soap 250ml
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Water (Aqua), Organic Saponified Sunflower Oil* (Potassium oleate), Organic Saponified Coconut Oil* (Potassium cocoate), Organic Vegetable Glycerine*, Citric Acid (Potassium citrate). *Organic

Suitable for hand, body & dry hair types.

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(Formerly known as Organic Liquid Castille Soap)
This multi-purpose organic liquid soap is fantastic for everyday soaping & as a natural BODY WASH & SLES free SHAMPOO.

We love this liquid soap because it can be used for almost anything! Personally we like to use it as a natural shampoo, body wash & also as a doggie shampoo.The great thing about it is you can tailor it to fit your own needs. For a fantastic shampoo add your favourite essential oils - lavender, geranium & orange are particularly good choices for oily hair - or for the dog, add a few drops of citronella essential oil to keep fleas at bay. Please read our shampoo tips below for some extra advice.

Shampoo Tips: This soap makes a great natural shampoo but on some hair types will leave a feeling of 'claginess' almost as if the hair has been left with a fine film or coating. The reason for this is the glycerine content within the soap which is usually removed from conventional soaps & shampoos. The glycerine is the moisturisng part of the soap which is why this shampoo is particularly helpful for dry hair & why the soap ends up being a little "too" moisturisnig on normal or oily hair.

Dry Hair: For best results we recommend using a pre-wash conditioner such as coconut oil, red palm oil or even african black soap before washing out with the castille soap shampoo.

Normal or Oily Hair: For all of you who have normal hair & would still like to use this soap we recommend adding up to 75 drops of lavender essential oil to 250ml soap & shake well. This will help to counteract any 'coating' effect the soap may have. We also recommend using a cider vinegar rinse which will restore sleek & shine (2tbsp to 1 pint water - please note that the smell of vinegar does not linger!)

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