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Packaging FAQs

What packaging do you use & why?

Currently our packaging consists of a mixture of glass, biodegradable wrap & plastic .
Originally using aluminium packaging for our powders & butters, we experienced repeated difficulty with damage & quality of the containers. This was due to major inconsistencies in the packaging providing to us by our suppliers. Lids were incompatible with bases making opening & re-opening the tins impossible. As our company grows, consistency & reliability in packaging are extremely important to us & our customers.

After much searching for alternatives, we decided to change to our PET containers which we are introducing as part of our range. (All our oils & essential oils will remain in glass for the foreseeable future.)

Glass is not a viable option to package our powders or butters in, due to its sheer weight. The cost of the jar outweighs that of the contents & we are reluctant to pass on this extra cost to our customers.
The new PET containers are lighter to post & require significantly less packaging to ship. This has greatly reduced our use of bubblewrap.

Do we have a refill service?

Refilling is an excellent idea which we fully applaud - however the practical logistics in sending packaging back to us for cleaning is not something we could accommodate at this time. For this reason we encourage recycling as much as possible.
Our suppliers have informed us that the PET containers are fully recyclable & as facilities are now available nationwide, we are confident that our customers can utilise a recycling plant near them.
A necessary evil!
For the moment, plastic is a necessary evil - most of our bulk  ingredients arrive & are stored in plastic, making it extremely difficult to avoid the use of plastic altogether. 
However, we are committed to finding the best packaging for our products & if an alternative can be sourced in the future, we will certainly be receptive to change. 
We are continually reviewing our products & packaging & are committed to providing our customers with the best possible ingredients in affordable & sustainable packaging.

Thank you for your understanding regarding our current packaging policy.

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