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Looking after your skin

Bright & beautiful skin requires a little attention to detail, so simply browse this page for information on how you can help your skin inside & out!

Our skin is the largest organ in the body absorbing up to 60% of whatever we apply to it. It is the first line of defence against bacteria & virus attack from the outside & the first place we show signs of weakness or vulnerability whenever we feel rundown or overworked. With a little planning you can get your skin back on track by treating it inside out!

Inside Out! Good, smooth, healthy skin can be achieved by lending a helping hand both inside & out. Many skin problems begin from the inside due to a lack of certain minerals or vitamins. This can be the case despite having a healthy diet & the body can often benefit from a "boost". This is especially true if you are feeling stressed or run down, as the body will use up all your nutrients dealing with stress & the negative impact it has on your body systems.

These are our very top 'tried & tested' tips !

Inside: Taking a mineral supplement of zinc & magnesium is superb for keeping skin healthy. These are 2 minerals which aid skin renewal, repair & functioning. It may take 2-3 weeks before you start seeing results but its a good idea to stick with it! A daily morning drink of organic lemon juice will feed your skin from the inside - being high in zinc & will assist the removal of toxins & congestion, encouraging fresh complexion. Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses a day) & try to reduce your intake of tea & coffee as their diuretic properties tend to encourage you to dry out. Excessive white sugar, refined foods & fizzy drinks can have detrimental impact on the skin & should be avoided as much as possible. Food can be a great source of skin clearing properties & increasing your intake of caretonoid-rich foods such as pumpkin, carrot juice, tomato & all the brightly coloured fruits & vegetables will enhance the quality of your skin. A good oil supplement such as hemp, evening primrose or olive can be excellent for dryness. Increase their use in your diet, drizzle them on salads & even take a tablespoon neat daily.

Outside: It would be a good start to examine all the skin products you currently use on your face & body. Conventional moisturisers, mass produced shampoos & soaps are usually laden with chemcials & preservatives which not only toxify the skin, they also disrupt & imbalance the natural rhythyms of the skin. Switch to paraben & SLS free soaps & shampoos.

The golden rules for good skincare are to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse & moisturise! Boosting your routine with a weekly exfoliator & mask will only enhance your skin quality.

Cleansing: To keep your skin cleansed use a facial toner or mist such as rosewater to remove grime & encourage freshness. If you wish to use a soap on the face use the african black soap, as it is very moisturisng & doesn't strip the oils from the skin. Drying out your skin with soaps or other products can in turn result in oiliness as your skin literally over-compenastes for the moisture it is losing as a result.

Extra TLC: clay masks are powerful skin purifiers. Make up one & use it at least once a day until your skin improves. This will form an essential part of your healthy skin routine. Twice a week you can use a homemade exfoliator on your face, all you need is a little brown sugar, oatmeal or salt moistened with olive oil. Apply & wash off with water.

To feed & nourish choose a suitable mosituriser. This depends totally on your skin type. Check back for skin type information on this page coming very shortly.

Changing to natural skincare: It is true that some skin types go through a period of skin de-toxification on switching from conventional products to natural. While some will not experience any changes, others may see a big difference while their skin cleanses itself of impurities. This is not long term & your skin will quickly settle. While your skin is unsettled keep to a very simple routine, using simple products. Once you feel your skin has stabilised then you can look into using more "specific" moisturisers to encourage elasticity & reduce fine lines.

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Looking after your skin

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