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Feedback   Here is a selection of our customer comments. 
(All our feedback is sent to us voluntarily - we never ask our customers for it!)  If you'd like to contribute please  email us 

Just received my third order from you & thought it was about time I expressed my gratitude!  Its great to finally find beauty products that are 100% natural - unlike a lot of other companies that claim to be so, but seem to manage to include some dubiuos chemicals anyhow!  I totally love your sweet orange cleanser - to me its the best I have ever tried.  I also adore the rose face cream - very calming & always leaves my face so soft.  Also a big fan of the green clay mask, great at getting rid of grime or nasties.  I think I now have a new firm favourite in your shea butter & olive cream, skin feels very nourished & a small amount spreads like a dream over the skin  - fab! I also received the organic coconut oil, this smells gorgeous & I think my hair has fallen in love.  Please keep up the great work - you certianley have a loyal cutomer in me!  Many thanks, Elizabeth, Glasgow

I received my first order from you last week - thank you. The replenishing cream is excellent on my skin, which had become really dry during winter with central heating, etc.  it smells very nice too. Yan, UK 

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your services & products.  First, I ordered on a Tuesday & I was delivered on the Wednesday.  That is truly great service! THank you. I love all the products I ordered.  I knew some already like the shea butter, so I was not disappointed.  I am glad I chose to order the hearts & flowers cocoa butter.  These little things are fantastic!  Easy to use, they melt very quickly & leave a gorgeous smell on the skin.  As you say on the website, shame you can't eat them..Also the coconut oil is to die for! I love the texture, the little "crystals" that melt in your hand.  I could also talk about the flower body oil which feels so fresh & divine...Oh, nearly forgot about the patchouli body moisturiser! Definitely one of my favourite, the smell is just irresistable! I am so glad I can indulge my skin in a very natural & affordable way. Thank you for offering such wonderful products. Kind regards, Karine, UK  

Akamuti Rose Face Replenishing Cream - Absolutely wonderful for my combination/problem skin, it stops breakouts overnight, in the morning my skin feels soft and supple and looks brilliant with no sign of blemishes whatsoever!!! The cream is rich, so I use it as a night cream. Highly recommended!  Akamuti Clay Mask - Again, the best mask ever - it cleared my face with just one treatment, according to my friend my skin was glowing afterwards. A must have for any woman!  Akamuti African Black Soap - I bought this for my children, as my daughter (10 months) had persistant cradle cap, which I could not get rid of using the usual methods - the treatment shampoo made it all worse, and using oil on her scalp as recommended by the health visitor was not feasible as she has a lot of hair which got too oily afterwards. After only a few washes with the black soap, she has no cradle cap whatsoever, and her fly away hair is silky smooth and soft. It looks weird washing them with this chocolate looking liquid, but their hair is shiny and soft and they smell yummy for days. Again, highly recommended for babies and children.   Rossi, UK

Dear akamuti, I have never sent a feedback for any product before. but i make an exception with yours. What can I say. Your products are the BEST, when you say natural, you mean natural. I am a customer for life. When my son was born and he suffered from eczema, and I tried so many natural products all to no permanent relief. Then i came across your products, and i can trully say that you are the original McCoy. I especially love your cocoa butter and black soap. May you continue to prosper.   Yours faithfully, Pauline, Wolverhampton

I received an order from you just over two weeks ago.  I wanted to thank you for your fast, efficient and very friendly service and for your wonderful products.  I am so glad that I found your web site as my husband and I are really enjoying using your products and will certainly recommend them to our friends and family.   Thanks once again.  You are doing great things! Jill, Southampton 

Dear Team, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have found your website with your fantastic products! First, it all started with an amazing customer service when I contacte dyou for more information about your products.  I received excellent information and advice, in a record time (about a couple of hours between my email & your reply!) Your products are amazing. I've only tried them for a couple of weeks but U can already see the results.  I love the clay mask, its fantastic on my oily skin.  The tea tree rescue cream is like heaven when you put it on.  The lip balm is so nice, it leaves your lips so soft.  I always keep it handy wherever I go, thats why I need to buy half a dozen! I also adore your baby range, the rosebud baby moisturiser is to die for!  When I put it on my daughter, I just want to eat her! I am using the African Soap on her and me and it feels so natural on the skin.  You feel like you are doing something good for your skin.  Thank again for offering such wonderful products. Karine, UK

'I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how brilliant we have found the Bedtime Baby Bath Milk to be.  Our 5 month old daughter has very dry skin / eczema so I tried the Bedtime Baby Bath as a natural alternative to the Oilatum Plus that she was prescribed by the doctor.  The really dry patches of skin that she had almost completely cleared up Ė her legs almost looked Ďnormalí!  We then ran out of the Baby Bath so as a bit of a Ďcontrolí experiment, we started using the Oilatum again, to see whether it was just that her skin had got better or if it was the Baby Bath.  Within a week her skin has turned very dry, scaly and red.  I was planning to try the Ďcontrol experimentí for 2 weeks, but enough is enough, Iím about to place an order for some more Baby Bath!  Just a shame you canít get it on prescription! Thanks again, Kind regards, Jane, UK

'I just wanted to let you know that I have been raving about your products to anyone who will listen. Sometimes it's hard to have a conscience and be able to find reasonably priced products which are fair-traded, organic and contain no harsh chemicals but I have found that Akamuti are the best. I absolutely LOVE the African Black Soap, the Organic Facial Mist, the Rose Replenishing Cream and best of all, your Organic Coconut Oil. I am using the coconut oil constantly on my face, my body and my hair. I definitely have never had such soft skin on my face before. I was a bit scared to use it on my face, to be honest, as I have very sensitive skin but my skin looks great. My two-year-old son asks me to rub it into the bumpy skin on his arms and he loves the smell. The coconut oil is fantastic on rough knees and feet and I can't wait to get another jar. Please, whatever you do, don't stop making it or I will be devastated. Thank you, Janet, Co. Antrim 

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived over the weekend - thanks again for such good service & prompt delivery. The African Black Soap is fantastic - so far it's the only stuff we've tried on our baby's skin (he has eczema) that doesn't either dry his skin out further or leave him looking (& feeling) oily & greasy. It's just left his skin feeling like a baby's should & his hair all soft & fluffy - lovely!  Thanks again & kind regards, Sarah.UK I have been using the Rose Otto Face Cream, which is perfect for my skin when it is feeling dry, but I discovered that I can use it when my skin goes back to normal, as it does from time to time, by spraying some Organic Facial Mist onto my face before applying the cream.  Also the Organic Facial Mist during the very hot weather was an absolute must have, not only did it leave my skin feeling cool & refreshed but I found I Didn;t need any moisturiser at all.  Thanks again, Janine, Wales. 

I spoke to someone at Akamuti last week (sorry didn't get the name) as I asked if I could use the virgin red palm oil on my hair.  The lovely lady I spoke to didn't know so I offered to be the guinea pig.  Well I have to say it was WONDERFUL.  I massaged it in and left it for 2hrs before shampooing out.  My blond highlighted hair which usually lacks shine and colour came out beautifully soft and incredibly shiny and the shine has lasted for 2 days know and still really soft.  Best conditioner ever used, highly recommend it for hair.  I also use it as a face moisturiser which doubles up as a "tinted moisturiser" as it adds colour to your face without you looking like "you've been tangoed!!" I must say I am so impressed with your products, I recommend them wherever I go.  Julie, UK 

Anita, you are great! Thanks for all the advice.  And all the feedback from the site....its just how I feel.  You are so individual (customer) oriented and I wish every seller/store could do that.  You're definitely in my heart for good - for the products you bring to us and for this warm approach.  Keep in touch, for sure.  Really can't wait till my next order.  All my best wishes, Cristina.

Just received my order that I placed yesterday for murumuru butter.  Brilliant customer service and speedy speedy service.  Your website is easy to navigate and very positive.  I look forward to using the product.  Thank you, Anna, UK

I hope you are all keeping well. I'm just writing to let you know how delighted I am to have first discovered your fantastic range of products in my local health food store (in Newcastle) and then your website! I love the Calendula and Camomile balm in particular - for years I have suffered with eczema and I find your balm works wonders that most synthetic creams can only dream of!!!   Thank you so much for your products - it is obviously that you put a lot of thought, love and attention into them - they are a pleasure to use! Take Care, Gill, UK

Having searched high and low I have finally managed to purchase some shea butter from yourselves, not only was I impressed at the speed of delivery, but the quality of the goods as well.  I thought you should know for your marketing purposes that Shea Butter is also used as a moisturiser in afro and very curly hair, .  It is very good for the scalp as it does not clog the pores, I have been using it now since I purchased it and my hair is looking good!  I intend to purchase some more from you as  gifts for Christmas. Keep up the good work!!! Kind regards, Sharon, UK 

Thanks for the Fruit (fusion) hand soap, It's so lovely and fresh and has that wonderful lemon smell, I'm already halfway through it (I use as a shower gel) and will be ordering some soon. Tried the soap you sent me (thanks for that), the lemony one - it's absolutely gorgeous.  My hubby is under strict instructions not to touch it (I aint sharing that with no-one!), it's all mine.  Will be placing a repeat order when it's running low. Julie, UK

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave me - ordered one day and arrived the next - brilliant. Many thanks, Lynne, UK

I am grateful for your assistance and I would like you to pass on my view to your management that your customer service is excellent, much more so than any other company that I have dealt with.  I am happy to have come across Akamuti and I will gladly make recommendations based on my experience.  Kind Regards, Sarah, Germany

Hi, Im just emailing to say i love your products,especially unscented cream and coconut oil! they are great for my sensitive skin & eczema.  Many thanks, Martine, UK

I really like your products, especially the African black soap which reminds me of my grandmother and has made my skin so clear and smooth! 
I've been using the avocado oil to moisturise my hair and its wonderful!! The petroleum free jelly is my standby for anything and its also great in my hair but my absolute favourite of the butters has to be the shea and olive, it's simply amazing! I will definately be reordering a few more of those in a lager size! Thanks so much for your excellent customer service and I look forward to trying more of your unscented products!  Tosin, UK

Because i use your products regular now like clockwork my skin is really looking good and even men are starting to tell me my skin is looking fab, i didn't think men paid much attention to that sort of thing. I put 60drops of the lemongrass essential oil into the jojoboa oil and tried using it after a shower whilst still wet.  After then drying myself I put on the Kalahari watermelon oil and my skin was divine, not oily, just soft and silky.  First time i've tried using the oil on wet skin, but it certainly sinks in better and the aroma of the lemon was heavenly. Julie, UK

I would just like to advise you that I have recieved my goods. Thank you  what lovely products I'm so pleased, the shea butter very rich and I do like the coconut oil is the first for me and it smells fabulous !!!!!!! Sharon, UK 

Received my goodies last Friday - many thanks! The orange blossom water is superb, this must be the most beautiful and aromatic version I have ever used - I wish I could buy it by the gallon!  the black soap is also lovely and much more softening on the skin than I expected.  I cannot wait to try more of your products. Sarah, UK

Thank you very much for your swift service, I recieved my order yesturday morning, the products are delightful. Thank you again, Tracy UK

Thank you so much for the gorgeous products that arrived promtly today.  i look forward to ordering again. Caroline, UK

Just dropping you a quick note to say thanks for a lovely selection of products. My partner and i are currently using a few moisturisers and oils and we have passed on your website address to many of our friends who would be interested in fairtrade/100% organic products aswell.  Kind regards, Milan UK

I received my order this morning, many thanks again for a speedy delivery, I absolutely love your products. Liz, UK

I received my order of shea butter and African black soap yesterday.
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery! I suffer from dry, itchy patches on my skin, exacerbated by central heating in winter and now, unfortunately, the hot weather. When I used the shea butter for the first time last night it really soothed my skin and it feels lovely and soft this morning. I hope that, with extended use, this will really help to calm my angry skin!  Kind regards, Laura, UK

Thanks for the order. Very impressive service and products. Will be back to order again soon  Adam, UK

Thank you for the neem soap I used it this morning. It gave a lovely lather & left my wrinkled old face feeling beautifully soft without drying. I even tried it as a shampoo and my hair was soft and shiny.  I found it rinsed out easily too.  I will try more of your soaps instead of shower gel I think.  Thank you again, Helen, UK

Thanks for this product (African Black Soap) what a wonder soap, it helps my acne better than anything I've tried. Great Stuff. Mrs Collins, UK

'First of all,I do not know where to begin! Thank you to all of you for pulling all the stops out and getting my rather large order to me just before my holiday about 21/2 weeks ago. It arrived in time for me to take with me.I did a very risky thing-I actually left all my normal skincare behind and took yours only!!! I need not have worried!!My skin has blossomed with all your products.I bought so many I cannot comment on them all,suffice to say they are all amazing.I have been looking for natural and organic products for a year now and have even ordered from the USA,but nothing matches to the quality of your products and their simplicity!!! Iam so glad I went to the hairdressers when I did and read about you in a magazine otherwise I would not have found the AKAMUTI products.Because I am formerly from East Africa you being fairtrade is very important to me so many plus points to you. Of the products I have used{and i love them all] the ones that have me raving are the following;

1. Coconut for my hands,hair,nails and face [an all rounder] 2. Orgnaic Facial Mist is amazing and makes the base for my moituriser and makes my skin fresh and feeling soft.                                        
3.The shea butter in any form from the original to the one with olive oil and mandarin are just tremendous,I feel a person renewed!
4.Well!!! as for the african soap it has given my skin alovely sheen and I have used it on my face as well,and it is so gentle
5.The clay mask is so effective and so easy to use I love it!

I could go on forever,but ,I will stop there and say to everyone what great products you have,and a friendly voice at the end of the phone line and very efficient service -thank you a million times to you all.  Nina, Aylesbury

Can I just say how much I love your products!  Please don't change your supplier - your black soap and pure shea butter are far more superior than the ones I bought elsewhere which are from Ghana.  The quality is so different and I feel it straight away on my very sensitive/eczema prone skin! The shea+olive cream although super lovely is a bit on the expensive side so I'll probably stick to your simple pure shea butter - which is the best I've tried among the current fair-trade unrefined shea butter craze in the market, thank you!   The African black soap is absolutely the very best! Your petroleum free jelly is a genius blend of best quality oils in genius proportion!  I don't know whether it is one of your bestsellers but please don't stop making them - there is no such a lovely, scent free ointment type balm elsewhere! The ones in the market are extremely oily and waxy and occlusive and not one is completely organic like yours!  Best wishes, Mei-Hsui

'I just want to offer my appreciation of your super products.  I have been using them for the last few months and am very satisfied with every thing that I have bought so far. I particulaly like the Orgnaic Coconut Oil and is the only day moisturiser I use now as it sinks into your skin and is perfect under makeup. Also find your therapy balms really work for various little problems.  The newst thing I am trying is the clay mask and have just tried it for the first time.  I really felt it working on my skin and certainly looked aglow afterwards. Thankyou again for super products and also your very speedy delivery. Irene, UK. 

Received and already tried out the products - very pleased with promptness of delivery and qulaity of products! Your website mentions that your products are good for dried out skin caused by the sun - I can also confirm (as can my family) that they are also excellent for skin ravaged by the wind, rain and cold of a Scottish winter!  We have also discovered that the African Black soap leaves us all feeling relaxed and mellow and helped our children sleep through the night (no mean feat!) Will definitely be ordeirng again! Susan, Scotland


'I have suffered from psoriasis for years. Only steroid cream seemed to keep it at bay, but that also meant that my skin became very thin,not helped by age as well! Shortly after I purchased your Grapefruit Seed Oil. I was playing on the web-site, and I came across a site for Candida. I filled in the 3-part questionnaire and my score was 281.Apparently, a score of 181 in women, indicates the presence fo candida! Grapefruit seed oil was recommended and over a period of about 3 weeks, slowly upping the number of drops, I find that my psoriasis is gradually disappearing-hooray!! Also, I find your African Black Soap leaves my skin feeling like silk and not at all dry'. Helen

I have been using the Rose & Green Tea Face Cream for the past few days and i have to admit that it has had a fantastic effect on my skin.It is the best mosituriser i have ever had.Thank you for such a lovely product.
Regards, Rosh x

'Iím so sorry it took so long to say thank you, I received my order safely and in a few days of my order. The organic honey & chamomile lip balm is really nice it keeps the lips nice and soft in the winter weather we've been having lately! Itís small and handy as well. I brought the shea butter & organic olive cream and its amazing it really keeps the skin moisturized, I used it on my face in the morning its like a protective film over the skin that keeps the cold weather away from drying my skin. I also had the coconut oil which was nice and light it wasnít a strong coconut smell as I thought itís subtle and you can use it on any part of the body I used it on my feet and face applying it before going to bed it kept them nice and soft. Iím glad that the products I brought were natural, organic and fair traded. Iíve been looking for months for this type of thing and I think that what youíre doing is great, diolch, thanks Akamuti. Eurgain, Wales

'I received my order yesterday - thank you. I am writing to tell you of something that I think is amazing. I am prone to  cold sores and usually apply the expensive coldsore cream from Boots.It usually takes days to clear. I awoke yesterday with the usual blob by my mouth-thought I'd try Myrrh oil first-little change. I couldn't remember all the details about grapefruit seed extract but I thought I'd give it a try.So, I put some on my mouth before I went out this morning--Imagine my surprise and delight when I noticed, just a few hours later, that the cold sore was disappearing!! Another application (neat) and it has virtually gone.It's now 6pm, about 10 hours since the first application. I shall make sure that I have a constant supply from now on. I am also taking it orally, as I suffer from psoriasis, believed can be caused by taking anti-inflamitory drugs for arthritis-causes leaky bowel syndrome. If my psoriasis improves, I'll let you know. Thanking you, Sincerely, Helen 

'i just want to tell you how much i love your skincare i started with the cleanser and the other creams and i liked them so much i bought most of the baby range for myself aswell also your treatment balms are brilliant' 'I received my parcel a few days ago with the organic honey & chamomile lip balm, rosehip & wheatgerm oils, coconut oil and some soap and wanted to say how lovely it all is and how excellent that it all arrived so quickly - I've been recommending Akamuti to friends and family and shall definately be re-ordering from you! Thanks'. Lara

'Just an update - received my Akamuti order today - the Nappy Balm is just beautiful - the Bedtime Baby Bath Milk smells delicious and the African Black liquid soap (which I have to admit I wasn't impressed with at first as although it was lovely to use on babies hair didn;t seem so good on eldest DD) is fantastic, my daughters hair looked so shiny when I dried it this evening I was more than impressed, and I have to say the prices are reasonable - I have spent the last few weeks searching sites for natural products and found some to be really pricey and was quite wary of ordering something which although I may have loved would have proved expensive to continue using on a regular basis. Akamuti seems to have it all.......Packaging is great too -I highly recommend these products if anyone else is looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Sarah

'Now an avid fan of your products everything on my Xmas list was from your store.  In particular my 2 favourite items from this list was the Kalahari Watermelon body oil and Shea Mandarin body butter.  I use the Kalahari Watermelon body oil every day everywhere except my face, in the mornings.  The fragrance is fresh yet very feminine and the aroma of this wonderful oil lingers all day!!  My skin feels silky soft whilst holding a light sheen on my skin all day.  I adore this oil and am about to place a repeat order for this body oil. The Shea Mandarin body butter is also wonderful and the fragrance is so divine you want to eat it!  This butter goes on very easily and smells yummy and again leaves your skin silky soft with a slight glowy sheen to your skin.  I use this at night-time and in the morning my skin still feels wonderfully soft. I also have the Refreshing Foot spray, this is wonderful to wake your feet up, the lemony smell is wonderfully fresh and my feet tingle once I spray it on them and they seem to come alive again.  My husband likes this spray too and takes a bottle to work to keep his feet fresh throughout the day.I'm going to also try the cocoa butter next. Keep the wonderful products coming, they are fabulous.  Julie, UK I have been using Akamuti products for 6 months now and my skin has never been so clear. I used to regularly get acne on my chin and forehead, but now it is clear.  In addition several of my friends have commented on how refreshed my face looks in general, and asked what skin peels or professional facials I have been having... I haven't had either, I have just been using the floral waters and either eye cream or wheat germ oil from Akamuti.  Sarah-Jane

'I have bought numerous products from you over the last week (shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil bla bla bla), the products are unbelievable.  I had "bumpy" skin around the jawline of my face which I have suffered for yrs.  The only  thing that would get rid of it (temporarily) were harsh facial peels and scrubs.  I used the coconut oil on my face day before yesterday and the following day the bumpy skin had gone.  I read on your website that coconut oil is good for getting rid of dead skin cells and re-generating new ones - well it certainly worked. I cannot praise your products enough. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful products. Kind Regards, Julie, UK

''I'm so glad I've discovered your website - I've recently bought the shea butter and use it for myself and my baby - it's so versertile! I use it to massage baby, as a rescue treatment for dry feet, hands, lips, and I also use it to nourish my african hair! I love the earthy, nutty smell - it's really authentic and the smell is so mother nature!!! (makes me homesick!)'. Sophia, London

'Would just like to say the Unrefined Virgin Shea butter is so divinine on my skin, it sinks straight into my skin with NO oily residue. I used it for the first time today on my face and my skin feels so baby soft, I also used in on my hands and my skin has never felt this good.  After using refined shea butter from elsewhere there really is no comparison, the shea butter from  Akamuti is far superior in my opinion.  I wish I had discovered Virgin Shea butter before, I will now never ever use anything else, thank You so much for supplying such wonderful, natural, pure products'. Julie, Herts 'Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service - item extremely well packaged and received this morning!  Am now going onto your website to see if there is anything else I want!  (Hubby throwing his arms up in air and
waving the white flag!)  Best Wishes - Ann, UK

The shea butter & olive is the best hand cream I've ever used. I must also recommend using the coconut oil after leg shaving, it takes any sting out, and gets rid of that dry feeling' Angie, UK We love your Coconut oil and use it prodigiously on hair, skin and nails. I recently tried the Rose and Green tea facial cream and use it every night. It is so beautifully moisturising that I wake up with a fresh complexion wheras previously I was waking up with dry and itchy skin. Thanks, Simi (writing from Somerset)

'I have been using the wheatgerm and rosehip oils for only a few days and I can already see a noticeable improvement in my skin. I've finally got radiant looking skin which feels nourished and soft. The jojoba oil is absolutely wonderful too. In fact, all of your oils are excellent! And can I just say - I can't thank you enough for your patience and willingness to advise on the range of ailments and various questions I've troubled you with. Your company really has that personal touch as well as the cutting edge in natural skin and body care. A God send in a world that doesn't care much about anything other than making money.  May you prosper'. Sarah, London.

'Just wanted to say thanks for the lavender roll-on, it's lovely.  I'm writing a dissertation at the moment and I could slather myself in it from head to foot!  I'm really glad I discovered Akamuti - beautiful products!  Looking forward to trying more. Anyway, thanks again for your fab service'. Kelly

'May I start by congratulating and thanking you all, for a fantastic company with a great ethos, product range and customer service. My orders are always dealt with speedily and arrive well packaged and safe and sound. Thank you.' Graham, UK

'I just had to let you know that the kalahari watermelon moisturiser is absolutely divine. The texture is lovely and the smell is heavenly. I also love the kalahari massage oil.  I don't know how I can have missed these all this time.  It is such a pleasure using your products.  No doubt, I'll be in touch again soon.' Jennifer, West Midlands

'I received my order today and just wanted to say a big thank you for such fantastic products and excellent, friendly service.  Thank you for keeping me informed of where the order was at and for such a speedy turnaround!  It is greatly appreciated.  Will be back for another order soon! Thanks again'. Amy, UK 'I wanted to send a quick note now to say your products continue to be not only the least expensive, most natural products I have ever used... but also the best! Was so impressed when they first arrived that I emailed then but my skin has continued to improve the more I use them.  Sweet Orange Cleanser is incredible and even my head-in-the-clouds boyfriend has noted an improvement in my - once dull but never problematic! - skin. Several friends have called me 'radiant' - absolutely love them. -ordering tomorow!' Emilia, London

'I have just received my second order and I am delighted with the products and quick service you deliver. I love the Rose Otto cream, it take away any dry patches of skin. I was advised to try your products and now I am converted and will definately pass your website onto others. Thank you and long may you reign.  Shirley, Co, Durham

'Felt I had to let you know how impressed I was with your web site and even more impressed with the products. Thesweet orange cleanser is the best I have ever used, the organic coconut oil is heavenly and the organic orange blossom toner smells wonderful! Your delivery was excellent, postage very fair and you package in glass (not everyone does)! I am now hooked and shall be recommending you everyone I know. Expect another order from me very soon'. Pamela, London'

'Best balm Iíve ever used for eczema - makes it disappear immediately (better than ***). Also, it seems to be never ending - use it every day and it doesnít go down!!' Amelia, Staffs

'The Peppermint Foot Salve is totally gorgeous, smells great and feels lovely - deff have some more of this!!' Lorraine, Staffs

'Thank you for such excellent products..... where have you been all my life!'First of all thanks for my products which were delivered really quickly, within 2 days. I am very pleased with the Shea butter and Olive cream and the Orange Blossom Night cream, both of which I've tried already. I have notoriously sensitive and dry skin and seemed to get on well with both of them so far and they seem very gentle. I really like the texture of the night cream' Sharmy, Oxfordshire 

 'Thank you so much for all your help and advice with recent orders and the speedy service.  The lavender and chamomile wash worked wonders on my daughter's sunburn as did the lavender flowers which I mixed with hot water and cooled in the fridge as you advised I made several lots as a few days later my son also caught the sun on his face.  All your products really are wonderful and I also like the fact that they are packaged in glass jars and pots as opposed to plastic ones.  Since the beginning of this year I only use organic products on myself and my children and will never go back to the chemical nasties.  I tried a few other organic companies but was quite disappointed with their products and will not go back to them.  I will definitely stick with Akamuti as your products, helpfulness and efficiency are fantastic plus I think you are very good value for money'. Jennifer, West Midlands

'I'd ordered from you a little while ago, having read about you on the WEN website and I've been thrilled with what I received,particularly the shea butter/frankincense and neroli cream. The shea  butter/frankincense and neroli cream is the only thing that seems to work on skin as dry as mine, even in the height of summer.With other creams for very dry skin, I need to reapply every 8-10 hours, but this is the first one that seems to genuinely moisturise under the skin and stop it feeling tight. On top of that, it actuallygot rid of a small but persistent patch of eczema I've had on my leg for months! Thanks' N.P , London

'I felt I had to write to tell you how impressed I am with your products.  They are excellent quality, with a little going a very long way, and smell gorgeous.  And - most importantly - they work!  I find your prices very good value, and am so pleased that you use only natural ingredients, and no chemicals - this makes a refreshing change from other companies, many of whom claim their products are 'natural'.  I will certainly be ordering from you again', Caroline Ridley

'Thanks for the prompt service! I will definitely be ordering again and telling everyone about you'Thanks for the prompt service! I will definitely be ordering again and telling everyone about your great products. My baby's eczema is so much better using your shea butter and I know that it is organic and fair trade - ticks in all the boxes!'   Cherie, Belgium

'Still loving your products. One of my favourites is the lavender tummy rub which I actually use on my face and it has been fantastic for the areas of sensitivity I sometimes get.  I quite like layering my face products and I use it with the pure shea butter morning and evening. The combination seems to be very healing, I used to get a rash/ sore patches/the odd spot particularly when tired/stressed etc and this has really cleared it up'. Rebecca, Surrey

Thanks ever so much for the 'personal' service. I really appreciate it.  I've ordered with Akamuti once before and have been very impressed with your products (and spreading the word amongst friends!)  Your rose facial toner and facial oil have proved exceptionally effective at evening out my skin tone and providing moisture without clogging my pores. Superb! Diane

'Thank you for the order with arrived very quickly! I am in love with all the products I bought,especially the rosebud baby lotion and the organic coconut oil. Both of which are gorgeous. I will be ordering again in the near future and have told all my friends about you. Thanks again'. Cathy, Cambridge

'Your customer service was so exceptional, prompt and personal The products themselves are lovely - exceptional value and they've rid me of blackheads better than Clinique! I especially like the African Black Soap! I'll be ordering again soon - a gift for my godmother - so keep up the good work! Many Thanks' - Emilia, London

'I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for the way you have dealt with my enquiries recently. I ordered the products you suggested and have been really pleased with them. I have had no allergic reactions and my skin feels really comfortable to live in!' Helen, Staffs

'Thank you for sending my order so quickly- it arrived yesterday and I had a lot of fun playing in the evening! I was dead impressed with the African black soap and the coconut oil - I used both in my hair, which is curly and dry, left the oil in there, and today it is so shiny and not flyaway, greasy or anything... Is this the answer to my hair prayers?? The other things also seem lovely, and I will be ordering more from you in the future. Thanks again!' Cerian, London 

'I just wanted to write and say how fantastic i think your products are.
The sweet orange cleanser is the best cleanser i have ever used, and your replenishing face cream is wonderful. My skin has visibly improved after a only a few days of usage. The products feel so luxurious and a little really does go a long way. I look forward to trying out more of your fantastic potions! Thank you'  Karen, London

'Thank you very much for your speedy service, i ordered on Saturday evening, and the parcel arrived first thing Monday morning!
My daughter is 5, she has had eczema since being a baby, the last few months have been the worst, and she has been on adult strength steroids for it. I haven't seen any change, all it does is reduce the redness, but not clear it up, and her skin is as rough as heavy grit sand paper. I have tried some natural remedies before, and although they have eased things for her, they haven't softened her skin, or cleared things up.
I ordered the African Black Soap, Pure Shea Butter, and Pau D'Arco Balm, and have been bathing her in a tepid bath with the soap at night, then covering her in the shea butter, in the morning I've been using the balm on her , and after just 3 days, her skin is clear and nearly smooth. At the rate things are going at the moment, I'm expecting to see no trace at all of her eczema after the weekend. I am very impressed, and will definitely be ordering more, I've also been telling anyone and everyone about the amazing change, and have passed details on so they can order for themselves. So glad I have finally found a natural product/remedy that has actually worked for her, Thank you again.  Helen D, Nottingham 

'Just to let you know,the shea butter is one of the best I have tried. A collegue of mine is from Ghana and bought the real McCoy back off the tree.  It was lovely and very yellow,but very hard to melt in your hands. I used to have to put some in a tin,and heat it slightly,so it was easier to use. Yours is Great. Just perfect' Wendy, London

'I got my first order from you today (which was delivered very quick) and i  must let you know i am very impressed with the shea butter and black soap. I noticed straight away the difference it has made to my dry hands and will deffo be ordering more things from you again in the near future. Thanks very much' Anne, Cumbria '...the organic sunflower oil has proved to be very beneficial for my damaged & sensitized facial skin. 150ml for a couple of quid - fantastic!' Abdul, Nelson
'I am writing to tell you that I received my order of Replenishing Face Cream and Rosebud Baby Lotion Saturday morning, and I have been using the products since then, which is 3 three days. I am afraid I have to tell you something you already know: This is high quality stuff! First I was a bit nervous that the face cream might be too heavy on my slightly oily and blemish-prone skin because of all the essential oils, but  there has been no negative reaction whatsoever - my skin can absorb it very well and it looks great!' Reidun, Denmark

Rich, smooth, powerful and healing cream. It's not only me who loves this cream. My dog loves licking my hands!   Midori, Norfolk  

'I ordered some of your shea butter and olive oil cream for myself about 2 weeks ago and I love it. I've been using shea butter on my face and skin for a year now and I read that olive oil was really good for the skin so I was thrilled to find your website and wonderful products! The order I just placed is for my mom because she hears me raving about it and she wants to try it too. : )' Rebekah, USA
"At last I`ve found excellent, reasonably priced, fabulous skin products that my family can use! My husband has malignant melanoma (skin cancer) and one of the first things we did when he was diagnosed was chuck out every toiletry, household cleaner and chemical in and around the house.  Our 3 year old son has the predisposition for melanoma too now so we must be cautious with his skin and health too. The only thing I would dare apply to the little bit of eczema on his legs is shea butter (works like a dream).   After a year of using nothing at all except water to wash with (soap-dodgers!) we are all now happily and safely using Akamuti African Black soap, cocoa butter and shea butter. I feel human again! Recommending your products to just about everyone!" Maire, Aberdeen

'Just wanted to say that the Golden Jojoba oil is the best Iíve purchased.  Have been trying it out as a facial oil (with some essential oils added), and the effects are fantastic' Trisha, Suffolk 'Thank you for sending my order out so promptly. While your products are a little more expensive than I'm used to paying, I think the quality is worth paying a little extra for. Your products smell and feel wonderful and I'm sure I'll be back for more! Nirosha, Oxfordshire 
"I have just received my order and wanted to say thank you for such quick service and lovely products....I'm a real enthusiast for plant based skin care and I can see myself using less decleor and elemis and far more of your lovely balms and butters. I love the fact that your ingredient lists are so simple and that what you use is really top notch....it's disappointing when you find that even the reputable salon brands with a genuine proportion of natural ingredients are still packed with all sorts of other chemical nasties - it can't be good for your skin. I'd also rather spend my money on something more ethical. I've just tried the orange cleanser and the organic toner and they are gorgeous. I'll be trying the shea butter tonight....and no doubt I'll be ordering more to try very soon." Rebecca, Surrey

'I have suffered severe eczema since I was a baby. We have, over the past 25 years, tried everything to help/ get rid of it. Emulsifiers, steroid ointments, creams that stripped of layers of skin, and ones that stained me bright yellow! all to no avail. I have been using Unrefined Shea Butter from you for a week now, and the results are nothing more than miraculous. The total areas of eczema are reducing on what seems to be a daily basis, the angry redness has totally disappeared, and the level of dryness is rapidly improving. It even seems to stop the itching! I have already ordered more of your fabulous products and have recommended them to every one I know! THANK YOU!!!!!!!, Emma, West Sussex
'Wow! What exceptional service! Thank you so much. Look forward to ordering more from you in the future. Keep up the great work!' Sophie, Cambs

Thanks so much for the fast efficient service.  I can't believe I received my order so quickly. I really love the products and enjoy using them.  I have recommended you often!  I love the shea mandarin body butter, It's gorgeous! Thanks so much" Annemarie, York  

"Thank you very much for such an efficient service - my order arrived yesterday! Thank you for wrapping everything so carefully so that it all arrived in one piece.  I have already started to use the nail and cuticle cream, and look forward to using the soap when I have used the last of my current bar. The insect repellent is for when we start our hiking again - when we have finished the decorating and found all of our clothing/boots/equipment! I look forward to ordering from you again when I need something. I am so pleased that you are also Fairtrade"
Many thanks, Sandy, Coventry

'I am so glad I have discovered Akamuti.   I have 'gone organic' recently and to find a website with such good products at a great price is a real bonus.  The shea butter is superb. Delivery was very prompt.  Using such natural products has had a very positive effect on my skin and I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future.  Many thanks!"  Marian, Scotland

"I am very impressed with the natural products you sell, and the fact that you follow fair trade guidlines. Your company is truly inspirational. Thank you". Milan, Kenton

"Thank you, I received order Friday - very impressed; ordered off a few organic companies but I must say yours are the best. Loved products, excellent,quick,efficent service and will most defintely order in the very near future,  Many thanks."  Julie, County Durham

"Thank you for the speedy service & advice....What can I say?? : )  they are gorgeous!!"  Sarah ~ Shropshire

"Just to let you know that I was most impressed with the speed of your online shopping service.  I received my order today and love all the products.  The Orange Blossom Water smells divine!  Many thanks"
Amanda ~ London

I have received my order today and am very pleased with the items and speed of delivery, so thanks very much". Tracy ~ Essex

'The products I ordered from you recently are gorgeous.  Thankyou for making such lovely products'.  Elaine, Swindon

"I've emailed my thanks before, but had to drop you a quick line and say thanks for all the orders I've received.  I've ordered so many of your products now and am delighted everytime.  Since discovering your website, my skin has never been better, my eczema is reduced dramatically and I'm free from loading my skin with nasty chemicals and preservatives.   The new look website is wonderful and great to see even more products being added.    I've had to order a load more now!
Thanks" Paula, Cumbria

"I just wanted to let you know I think your products are absolutely fabulous! 'The African Black soap is good to use as shaving soap. My husband always preferred gels up till now, and he now definitely prefers African soap (he greatly prefers it as a bath soap and shampoo, too). He loves the lather. But seriously, the products are really great. It isn't as if I have really sensitive skin or anything, but until now, much of everything I've tried didn't seem to agree with my skin, even after a few days. It always seemed tired. But now, it's fine. I can't believe I can put shea butter even on my face, when I go out in really windy and cold conditions, and it protects my skin. And my fingers are great. Up until now, they always used to crack (like eczema or something, at the edges of my fingernails), it was really painful. I've had this every winter for years, until now! Thanks,really!" Helena, Athens

'I thought I would let you know how well the lovely Shea Butter is going down... very well indeed!  A friend of mine had some surgery on her face leaving a very badly done scar that would not heal properly... the nurse told her to use a normal moisturiser on it... she used savlon and it just stayed very red angry and sore... so I gave her a dollop of the unrefined shea butter... not even made into a cream... and she used that every night and within a couple of days the swelling went down and the angry redness disappeared.  its magic stuff right enough!' Jane, Eynsham

"I'm loving the shea! I slathered some on my face last night & my face was left soo soft. Its amazing : )  Karen, Essex

"I have ordered shea butter from you couple of weeks ago and wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived within two days of placing my order.  I have been using your shea butter on my extremely sensitive damaged skin for about ten days (morning and evening) and I can not believe my eyes! My face is less red, the skin is calmer, softer and I have a healthy glow. I wish I have discovered the miracle properties of shea butter earlier, it would have saved me from spending incredible amounts of money on creams and damaging my skin more and more... I will be ordering more products from you very shortly." 
Monika, London

"The shea butter is wonderful on my hair. My hair has truly never been better, using the castile liquid soap and pure shea butter. Another great thing is that you need so little of these two products, they are so concentrated..I have dry hair and in the past I have used an expensive leave in conditioner, but just a small lump of the shea butter warmed over my hands and smoothed over my towel dried hair worked just as well and it's so good for the hair too. I didn't rinse it out and my hair is nice and silky.  I continue to spread the word about your products!"
Helen ~ Crewe

"I would just like to say it is so nice to find somewhere that sells products that are 100% natural. I have only been using the products a few days but I have already noticed a difference in my skin, it looks much healthier. I love the Orange Blossom Cleanser, your face feels so clean after using it. I like the Evening Primrose Face Cream and the baby soap is absolutely lovely - really creamy. I will definitely be back to buy more products. I have used other products in the past from different ranges and they have either not worked, or have brought me out in a rash.  So carry on the good work. I would definitely recommend you to other people".
Carolyne, Portland

"I got the order some days ago and I am using all your products with great enthusiasm - I am extremely satisfied :))) Even the Joints and Muscles cream helps me with my life long problem of my knees!!! Now I finally can sleep(!) -although the weather is changing every day (which is usually the cause of my pain)......Thank you so much"  Vana, Greece  

'The black soap was excellent on my hair.  It's the only soap that I haven't needed to use a vinegar rinse with' Jo, Norfolk  

"I loved the (African Black) soap, I used it for my hair and it really was luxurious, rich, thick foam which rinses easily. It leaves my hair in a wonderful soft condition and I don't need to use a vinegar rinse or anything like that. As a pure natural soap, the african black soap cannot be bettered". Helen ~ Cheshire 

'Thank you very,very much for the Evening Primrose Day Cream and Organic Facial Mist that received from you recently.  I am really enjoying using them and their scents are beautiful. My skin feels refreshed and it is wonderful the ingredients are organic" Jayne, Kent

'Your Evening Primrose cream and facial mist make me and my skin happy! Midori, Norfolk 

"Just a quick note to let you know that my package has arrived today and I would like to thank you very much for posting it to me so fast. I have actually ran out of my shea butter this morning and thanks to you I will not be short over the weekend. Hurray!   As for the Evening Primrose cream, what can I say? It's simply wonderful! There aren't many creams in this world that didn't break me out and this one is one of them. Smell gorgeous, does what is promises. Thank you!  Monika, London     

"Everything we ordered has arrived in just a few days- prompt reliable delivery and fantastic products! I am trying Shea butter for the first time on my 2 year olds eczema (on his legs) aswell as on my own ancient wrinkly skin...!  Mothers Nurture cream is glorious, and Baby Bathtime Milk is blissful."        Maire, Scotland

'We love using your products everyday to keep us healthy and sweet smelling. I use the Rosebud lotion on our baby everday as she has typical flaky newborn skin and its perfect. We also love the calendula butt cream..my husband has dubbed it the miracle cream as it's the only thing to get rid of my sons diaper rash.' Ana, USA

"I think that the nappy balm is really good,and its prevented my baby son having any nappy rash since I started using it. I also use it on his chin to stop it getting sore from dribbling, and on his nose when heís got a cold and a runny nose". Julia, Poole

"I have just recently received some of your products for the first time. I came across your website by accident.  The products are fantastic.   It feels great knowing that I'm not putting any kind of preservatives or chemicals onto my skin and my skin feels the benefit.  I only have one grumble, I'm going to be spending a fortune because I want to buy everything.  Well done on such fantastic products which are much cheaper and more luxurious than your competitors.  Up till now I've been using Liz Earle skincare which I've always found to be wonderful. It wasn't until I read the ingredients that I realised they actually use preservatives in nearly every product.  Luckily that I discovered your range that is preservative free and half the price as well.  Many thanks for the wonderful products and service. I'll definitely be ordering more soon"  Paula ~ Cumbria

"Having enjoyed looking at your website, I just knew the products I had ordered were going to be great.  The range of balms is impressive, but so is their effect.  ThE Myrrh and Frankincense balm is wonderfully aromatic and luxurious.  I loved the fact that you could buy pure virgin shea butter, and this is just fantastic.  Participation in the Fairtrade programme also means that people already struggling to make a living in overseas countries are not getting ripped off.  Of the natural and organic beauty products I have used these are top dollar and knock socks off **** *****!  Keep up the good work."    Sarah - North Wales

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