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How much is delivery? To UK addresses we charge a flat rate of £3.00 for any size order. Our European p&p rates start at £5.00 & are staggered according to weight.

Do you declare all the ingredients on your website? Yes! You can find the full ingredient displayed on each product profile page. There are no hidden extras!

Do your products contain preservatives? No! Our full ingredient list can be viewed on the website. We do not use any preservatives whatsoever in our products. We select ingredients for our recipes with a naturally long shelf life such as cold pressed oils, waxes & butters.

How long do your products last without preservatives? Our products have a shelf life of 12-18 months. We make everything in small batches to ensure that you receive them at their freshest & at the beginning of their shelf lives. Our product recipes are water free formulations which ensures that they stay fresh for longer. Using a high standard of hygiene when using your product, (such as clean fingers!) will minimise bacteria contamination.

Do your products need to be stored in the fridge? No. The general rule is to store your products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to keep them at their best. Some products such as coconut oil become liquid in hot summer weather so you may wish to keep them in a cool room.

Are you certified organic with the Soil Association? At the moment we do not have any products certified by the SA. (Yet!) However, the organic ingredients we use in our products have been individually certified by the SA. Products labelled as "Organic" such as our "Organic Facial Mist" do not themselves carry the SA symbol but the individual ingredients come from an accredited source.

Are all your ingredients organic? No, not all of them. Our ingredients are only organic where stated. We use organic ingredients whenever possible & our use of organic ingredients increases on a monthly basis.

What is the difference between a balm & a moisturiser? Our moisturisers are much lighter in texture & ideal for everyday moisturising. Our balms are much thicker & richer in texture which makes them more suitable for localised application, for skin nourishment & protection. This does not mean you can't use them for everyday moisturising! they are just denser & more intensive.

How can I tell if my shea butter is fresh? Fresh shea butter has a distincitve earthy, nutty aroma which indicates it is fresh & bursting with vitamins & tree goodness! White, hard shea butter is usually bleached & processed & devoid of goodness.

How long will my shea butter last? Naturally a long-life product, shea butter has a shelf life of 18 months. This is when its vitamin content is at its highest. After 18 months, your can still use your shea butter but its properties will diminish & may become stale.

Are your face creams greasy? Our face creams are richer than conventional products due to the high content of nutritional oils in our recipes. They need to be applied sparingly as a little goes a long way! Your skin will benefit greatly as the oils provide essential nutrition & replenishing properties to the skin. Mass-produced creams have a high water content which is responsible for the quick "soak-in" feel. Unfortunately water does not moisturise & the quick soak in feel just means that the cream has evaporated. This is why so many conventional moisturisers are ineffective! Another downside is that water drys out your skin. The most effective skin moisturisers are nutrient rich oils & butters.

Why is my cream/balm/shea butter a different colour to the last time I ordered? As we use natural & often unrefined ingredients, the colour of the ingredients will vary from time to time. For example, our organic beeswax can vary in colour from golden orange to toffee brown - depending on what the bees have been foraging on. As a result you may see some variation in colour. There is no inferiority in the quality of the product just further evidence of a totally natural product.

Do you ship to the USA or Canada? Unfortunately we do not ship to the USA or Canada at the present time.

For less frequently asked questions please feel free to email us.

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