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We are passionate about trading ethically & fairly. It is the holistic approach we take to buying our ingredients, ensuring that everyone benefits, from the producer to the consumer. We believe that we can achieve this by paying a fair price to small businesses and individuals for their produce. This means that we pay a price that reflects the volume of labour that goes into producing the product.  For example 1kg of shea butter takes a total of 24 hours of labour to produce and the world market price is currently 20p a kilogram. Is that fair!?  A fair price for the raw ingredients, ensures that all production costs are covered with enough money over to provide accessible funds for the producer, enabling them to build a better, more sustainable life for themselves and their communities.  

We also like to offer our end products to our customers at a reasonable, fair price so they are accessible to all pockets. 

Breaking the Poverty Cycle? By ensuring that producers are paid a fair price for their produce, we can contribute towards protecting not only vulnerable livelihoods, but also their environments and the cultural traditions central to their lives. So many cultures are under threat from unscrupulous trading activity.  Paying a fair price ripples throughout the community and paves the way for sustainability and freedom from poverty. Poor prices paid for high quality, labour-intensive products results in undermining the value of a product and the people who produce it. In addition to this, it takes away the very foundations of sustainable trade, making it harder for people to survive as a community.  Unfair trade feeds the oppressive cycle of poverty and we believe that we can break that chain by supporting fair trade practices and principles.  Every penny we spend supports a cause and a system, whether it be Aberdeen Angus beef imported from Argentina or bread from your local shop. 






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