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We believe in trading ethically & responsibly.  Here you can find out about some of the sustainably sourced ingredients we use in our products.  Together we can make the difference & with a few small steps we can show our support towards a fairer, sustainable future.  


Organic Forest Beeswax & Honey 

Fairly traded with forest beekeepers living in the vast stretches of virgin forest throughout Zambia, providing these people with a sustainable income enabling them to buy their everyday necessities that includes soap & blankets. Beekeeping is one of the few sources of income in this area. These forests are untouched by development, pollution & GM farming. The wild bees are resilient to disease and never come in contact with antibiotics, sugar feeds or organophosphate varroa treatments. The forest beekeepers construct barkhives which they hang high up in the trees to provide a home for swarms of wild bees.  After about 2 years the honeycombs are ready to be cut and the villagers set out to harvest them They take away around half of the honeycombs, leaving the bees plenty of supplies.The forest beekeepers pass on their skills to the next generation. These skills are vital in maintaining a traditional way of life central to the survival of the people and the forest.  The forest is an essential part of the livelihood of the beekeepers, evoking in them a strong desire to keep the forest the way it always has been, an environment on which they rely and work with. The beeswax arrives with us in exactly the way the beekeeper villagers packaged it - completely raw and unrefined. The beeswax is packed with the goodness of the forest, including pollen and propolis. There are no preservatives or bleaching agents used in the process, so the colour can vary from golden yellow to greenish brown!  It depends entirely on what the bees have been foraging on.                            


Wildcrafted Shea Butter
Fairly traded with womens co-operatives in Ghana. Naturally a very dry country, Karite trees can be found growing in even the driest parts.   This is  a valuable source of income to these people & the fair price ensures that they can provide better amenities for their communities. This includes building clean water supplies and funding renewable energy projects. The shea butter is wildcrafted using techniques that have been used in Ghana for thousands of years. Shea butter is an incredible skin food & is packed with nutrients & is a superb all-over body moisturiser.      

Authentic African Black Soap
This beautiful, authentic African Black Soap is traditionally handcrafted &  fairly traded with Women's co operatives in Ghana, West Africa. It is made with 48% pure, organically grown shea butter & wildcrafted, organic coconutl oil.  The lye that is used in the saponification process, is made from the ash of local cocoa pods (harvested sustainably).

Virgin Red Palm Oil
This unique & beautiful African oil is made from palms using traditional, fair trade and organic methods. No commercial plantation-grown palm fruits are used in the oil production.  This exclusive oil comes in its natural state; it has not been refined in any way and contains all its natural vitamins.

Organic Wildcrafted Coconut Oil

This beautiful organic coconut oil is fairly traded with Indonesian island communities throughout the Pacific Ocean. All the oil comes from family farms only, where individual families work together to collect & process small amounts of coconuts on a daily basis. This special small scale system in place across the Pacific islands ensures that the oil is of the highest quality & is created within one hour of breaking open the nuts! The processing is also highly sustainable as there is absolutely no wastage whatsoever. Every part of the process is used in some form, from fuel to animal cake.

An integral part of tropical island life, coconut production forms a pivotal role in the lives of coastal communities, of which many are now endangered. By purchasing this fair trade coconut oil we support not only the livelihoods of island communities, but their language & cultures, their forests & reefs. Bypassing conventional coconut production & the devastating effects of copra processing provides sustainable employment, a better standard of living & long term protection for fragile eco-systems & vulnerable communities. This breaks the cycle of oppression & poverty inflicted on hard working people. Coconut oil production is also helping to rebuild Solomon Island communities destroyed by the April 2007 Tsunami.

Cold-pressed Tropical Oils
Community traded with the women's associations & co-operatives who live in very dry rural parts of Africa.  Often there is no other source of income for these villagers, so the money they earn provides them with basic needs including food & clothing. The tropical oils we buy are Kalahari Watermelon, Baobab & Marula which are traditionally harvested & cold pressed.

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