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Akamuti was born in July 2003 with just 6 products! It all began with a passion for tree medicine, an obsession with plants & healing, mixed with an organic ethos & the dream of making a living by trading responsibly. Together they made the perfect catalysts for the Akamuti idea.
Today there are 6 of us working together & we are a family team! We have a combined enthusiasm for a holistic way of living, eating & healing which keeps our creativity focused, ensuring our products reflect our ethics.  That means no nasty man made chemicals, preservatives or additives whatsoever. It also means that we try to source ethical & fairly traded ingredients because we firmly believe in responsibility & sustainability. We aim to source as many ingredients as possible direct from the producer so sustainable trade can improve the lives & ensure the survival of vulnerable communities across the world.

So who are we? Meet the team!

Lindsey is the inspiration behind Akamuti, starting the company back in 2003 with just 6 products! A qualified aromatherapist, Lindsey loves designing our product recipes & dreaming up new ones. She is in charge of our busy website, promoting Akamuti & works closely with 2 designers to ensure that our online shop & packaging look as great as the products! Lindsey is also passionate about ingredients & sources all our raw materials.

Anita is our Production Manager & is kept super busy transforming chunks of wildcrafted butters & cold pressed oils into Akamuti's natural moisturisers & balms.

Stephen is responsible for packaging up our bestselling African Black soaps & all of our exotic butters, making sure our shelves are well stocked with our customer's favourite products. He is also our Company Secretary in his spare time!

Daniel is our Dispatch Manager & he ensures that all our orders are picked & packed with care & attention. His priority is to make sure all our products arrive safely & as promptly as possible.

Jennifer is our Shea Butter Manager & is responsible for keeping our shelves stocked with Akamuti's bestselling wildcrafted shea butter from Ghana. In addition to this, she is also kept busy blending our powders & oils into your favourite face masks & massage oils.

Karis is our Production Assistant & is responsible for packaging & labelling Akamuti's products. Her skill behind the camera, is put to good use in taking pictures for the website & for magazine adverts/articles.

Our name Akamuti is an African word taken from the Bemba language of Zambia. It has two meanings. It translates as 'Little Tree' or 'A Little Bit Of Medicine' It goes to show that in many parts of Africa, trees & medicine are one & are revered as powerful sources of healing. Tree ingredients are very important in our products & we feel that trees are not only essential for our health but also for the health of the whole planet.

Every product we make is handcrafted from start to finish from individual ingredients by real people (not machines!) We start off with chunks of beeswax; slabs of tree butters; loose herbs, barks, resins & flowers; jugs of golden oils & aromatic distillates. We then infuse, filter, melt, pour, strain, mix & stir to create beautiful creams, moisturisers & butters for you to enjoy at their best. Absolutely no chemicals are added at any stage! Everything is made in small batches to ensure you receive your products as fresh as possible, with as much shelf life as possible.


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